Romance on #Instafreebie

Romance on #Instafreebie   How does a Romance on Instafreebie sound? Looking for your next book boyfriend? Look no further! There are soooo many, about 70! So yeah, a boatload! You will be sure to find just the right mood or story to put a smile on your face this Valentine’s Day! Since we have […]

#Instafreebie Scifi & Fantasy

Scifi & Fantasy on #Instafreebie Boy do I have a ton of books for you this week! Do you love Science Fiction? Or Fantasy? Then keep reading because all of the books on the Scifi & Fantasy on #Instafreebie blog today can be categorized as one or the other! Let’s Start with Fantasy, shall we? […]

Multi-Cultural World Fiction-The Way It Should Be #Instafreebie

Multi-Cultural World Fiction Ever wonder what life would be like if we all got along? What if racial or cultural issues didn’t exist? Or if they did, we found a way to get past them as a people? As humans? You can find a lot of books written by some fabulous authors who envision a […]

Potpourri Crazy on #InstaFreebie

Potpourri Crazy on #InstaFreebie   This week’s edition of #FreebieFriday on #Instafreebie is Potpourri Crazy! Seriously! This is just mad, the amount of books we have for you this week! You won’t need anything else for a long time if you download all of these books! Over 65 Potpourri crazy books in various genres like YA, […]

Spectacular Recipes on #InstaFreebie

Spectacular Recipes

Spectacular Recipes   Are you hosting a meal this holiday season? Or bringing a dish to a party? Check out these great recipe books! Some are for all occasion, and even one is for special health diets! Grab them all and then let me know if you find a great recipe in one of the […]