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Welcome to my imagination! Here you will learn about the distant planets and beings I have created, as well as the creatures and characters I have encountered right here on Earth! Well, in my imagination I have encountered them. I love multiple genres, but my favorites are Urban Fantasy and Science Fiction Adventure/Romance! Everything I write would be rated PG-13 or below if they were made into a movie. So, don’t worry if you find your teens reading my books.

At times I will also do adventurous special promotions, like this one:

JL Hendricks Author


Congrats to Sabrina, Ashley, Keri, and Michelle!

They all won a free eBook copy of Worlds Away! The codes have been sent to your email address you used when you posted to my blog. ­čÖé

Feel free to check out my site! I have a page full of blog posts, where you can find many free books! There is also a page dedicated to my different book series, please check them out! When I have another contest, I’ll post it here. Until then, enjoy the creations of my mind.



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