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Welcome to my imagination! Here you will learn about the distant planets and beings I have created, as well as the creatures and characters I have encountered right here on Earth! Well, in my imagination I have encountered them. I love multiple genres, but my favorites are Urban Fantasy and Science Fiction Adventure/Romance! Everything I write would be rated PG-13 or below if they were made into a movie. So, don’t worry if you find your teens reading my books.

Worlds Away Series


The second series I ever wrote was a Scifi Adventure/Space Opera with romance. The Worlds Away series came to me after I read and thoroughly enjoyed a clean scifi romance. When I set out to write one of my own, I had no idea men would read it and see it as more of a space opera than a romance. Two years later I took a step back and looked at it through different eyes and realized it really was a space opera with a romantic thread. While there may be a few intense kissing scenes, there was nothing to make it naughty or hot. So, I set about to re-write the books in this series and obtained new covers. What I ended up with is a truly fun adventure series that takes place in space as well as on an alien planet. There’s even a trip back to Earth in the end.


Enter my adventurous take on what it would look like if Aliens had visited Earth!

What would you do if you were abducted by an alien race and given a choice?  You could either be a slave on a distant planet for the rest of your life, or you could choose to mate with an alien warrior. It’s not as easy as it seems. But add in another alien race who wants the humans for something totally different, and even more nefarious, and you have Worlds Away.


Worlds Away


Worlds Away Cover


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200 years ago the Earth was conquered, but nobody knew.


Commander Venay of the V’Zenian Empire was a man on a mission. It was his responsibility to ensure a good lot of human slaves made it back to his planet each year. But this time it was different.

Paris was used to being invisible, so when she was abducted by an alien, she knew no one was coming to save her.

While fighting the alien Commander on his ship headed to some place in another galaxy, Paris discovers space isn’t as empty as Earthlings thought.

When their ship is attacked by the Zateelians, Paris decides to join forces with her captors in order to survive the monsters trying to take her and the other humans for themselves.


Is the enemy you know any better than the one you don’t?


If it were a movie, it would be PG-13.


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Worlds Collide


Worlds Collide


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The enemy of my enemy …

All Natalie wants is to save the other humans from the aliens who abducted them. Then, she discovers something even worse than the V’Zenians. When their ship crash lands on an alien outpost controlled by her keepers, after the battle in space with the Zateelians, she begins to think the only way to survive is to work with those who abducted her.

Zelan is a V’Zenian warrior who’s never agreed with the policy of abducting humans. When he finds himself face to face with his worst enemy, he realizes how much he respects and admires the spirit and tenacity of the humans aboard his ship. He fights tooth and nail to protect them and destroy the enemy hellbent on infesting them all.

The Zateelians crashed on the outpost as well and are after the humans for something very different than slavery. All the humans and V’Zenians on the planet will make for a smorgasbord of action for them.

If you enjoy Sci-Fi action adventure along the lines of Star Trek, then you will love Worlds Collide!

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Worlds Entwined



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Slave or volunteer? What will the V’Zenian’s choose?

With war on the horizon with the Zateelians, Paris and Venay are ordered back to Earth to abduct 2,000 factory workers, along with more women to be used as mates. Will Paris be able to change the minds of Central Command in time? Or will she be forced along with Venay to continue abducting humans instead of recruiting volunteers?

When Paris comes up with an exciting plan which will also include an Interstellar Dating Agency, Venay receives help from other warriors to convince the leaders to agree to Paris’ plans. But not everyone is happy with her plans.

What happens when the US government figures out aliens have visited Earth?


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And if the above wasn’t enough, check out the World’s Away page to see more of this series!


There are currently 2 novellas, one of which is free just for joining my newsletter. 😉



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