Chronicles of the Unwanted Princess Book 2: The Forbidden Portal

Narco, the nastiest Bounty Hunter the Fae have ever seen is now trailing Mia! How will her new powers react?

One day Mia can create a bubble to protect her team, the next, she’s blowing up trees by mistake.

Now that real danger is stalkin her, will she be able to harness the powers of her ancestor, Princess Violet and defend herself, her friends, and her school?

While studying for a test, Mia accidentally portals her team inside the Louvre! What she doesnt know is that her enemy has spies everywhere. When they report where she’s gone, Narco sees this as a chance to attack!

Poor Mia, she has all this power, but still can’t control it.

When her slamball team is teetering on an important win, is it Zander’s imagination, or does Mia defy the magic and help them to victory without even realizing what she’s done?

Now, she’s learning to harness her power and gaining new allies. With the added support of two grumpy gargoyles and a pixie who sneezes magic, what’s next for this Unwanted Princess?

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**Previously released as part of the Chronicles of the Fae Princess Trilogy