The Island of Misfits Book 1: The Vampire Gets His Mate

When you are a misfit in your own pack, where can you fit in?

Misfit Island is a magical place that only those who are called can find. And who is called? Anyone from the magical world who doesn’t fit in with the pack, or group, they were born into.

Maxim is a vampire who was turned during the October Revolution in Russia. After realizing that he was tired of living off of humans, he left his sire and roamed the Earth looking for a place to call home. He found it over 50 years ago on a magical island at the far edges of Earth.

Sofka and her 2 best friends fled their pack when she learned of a plot to sell them on the supernatural black market. Not knowing where they could hide, they thought they discovered paradise on Misfit Island. But danger followed them there.
As Maxim tries to get Sofka to notice him as something more than a blood-sucking fiend, strange and disturbing violence begins to break out on the island. Even the Bully Boys have upped their evil deeds and seem to have developed magic they shouldn’t have.

When the residents of Misfit Island find themselves under attack, they look to Sofka to lead them through.

Will she be able to discover who is behind all of the trouble? But more importantly, will she finally decide to follow her heart?

Pick up your copy today and discover more of the residents and places of Misfit Island!

How The Vampire Gets His Mate is a paranormal light romance and adventure. There are aspects of paranormal cozy mystery mixed in with some light romance. Come and see for yourself how much fun a supernatural book can be!