The Worlds Away Series Book 3: Worlds Entwined

Slave or volunteer? What will the V’Zenian’s choose?

With war on the horizon with the Zateelians, Paris and Venay are ordered back to Earth to abduct 2,000 factory workers, along with more women to be used as mates. Will Paris be able to change the minds of Central Command in time? Or will she be forced along with Venay to continue abducting humans instead of recruiting volunteers?

When Paris comes up with an exciting plan which will also include an Interstellar Dating Agency, Venay receives help from other warriors to convince the leaders to agree to Paris’ plans. But not everyone is happy with her plans.

What happens when the US government figures out aliens have visited Earth?

Come and join the exciting trip back to Earth for the labor force needed to assist with the war effort against the Zateelians! If you have enjoyed the first two books in this series, then you will absolutely fall in love with Worlds Entwined! This is a pg-13 alien abduction adventure full of alien battles with mutant cockroaches, and feisty Earth girls.