Scifi & Fantasy on #Instafreebie

Boy do I have a ton of books for you this week!

Do you love Science Fiction? Or Fantasy? Then keep reading because all of the books on the Scifi & Fantasy on #Instafreebie blog today can be categorized as one or the other!

Let’s Start with Fantasy, shall we?


scifi & fantasy on #instafreebie
scifi & fantasy on #instafreebie

Scifi/Fantasy Romance:

Science Fiction/Dystopian:


So, did you find at least a dozen books to keep you busy this winter? More? Let me know how many you ended up with by posting a comment!


***The game is now closed. Two winners were chosen at random on January 24th and notified by the 25th of their prize. It was a copy of Andrew Dobell’s Epic Calling***

In case you forgot after checking out so many fantastic Scifi and fantasy books on #instafreebie, I will remind you that I teased you about two items at the bottom of this post. One is the game we have been playing, find the item, kinda like where’s waldo. There is something on this image that serious scifi fans will recognize, but doesn’t actually belong on the pic. Hint: think movies, science fiction movies. There will be two prizes awarded. I will pick two people at random on January 21. If you have an idea, post it in the comments section.


The second item is a special series starter promotion! Click the image or link here to go to another page on my website to find a list of books available on Kindle Unlimited! Most of the authors who are giving you their Instafreebie book have joined together to provide the next book in the series for FREE on Kindle Unlimited!  Some even have more books in the series and I have listed them too. So feel free to browse the books and pick up the rest of the books in the series you started here on Instafreebie! Perfect time to try out that new subscription to Kindle Unlimited you received! And if you are not signed up for Kindle Unlimited, there will be a link for you to do so for FREE!


Sometimes books may fall out of Kindle Unlimited for various reasons, please be sure to check before buying.