Potpourri Crazy on #InstaFreebie

Potpourri Crazy on #InstaFreebie


This week’s edition of #FreebieFriday on #Instafreebie is Potpourri Crazy! Seriously! This is just mad, the amount of books we have for you this week! You won’t need anything else for a long time if you download all of these books! Over 65 Potpourri crazy books in various genres like YA, Romance, Fantasy, Urban Fantasy, Mystery, Horror, Thriller, Middle Grade, Cozy, Sci-fi, and of course Christmas books! I reached out to all of my author friends and asked them to participate this week and we came up with Potpourri Crazy just for you! Feel free to share with your family and friends as well on social media. At the bottom of the post are different social media links to use for sharing.

Last week Fleur created a banner that had an Easter Egg in it. I made it into a game and lots of people had fun. This week’s banner designer created another easter egg game. Scroll to the bottom to see what it is. If you received this via email, please scroll to the bottom as I have included another copy of the banner just for you! ** Edit- this game now closed for prizes, but feel free to see if you can find the items in the banner.**

Since there are so many books this week, I needed to take out the short descriptions. Instead, I have grouped them by genre. I hope that helps you to pick out books for this week!

Potpourri Crazy:

Holiday/Christmas themed books in multiple genres:



Keep going, there are more books!

Young Adult


Science Fiction & Dystopian Reads:

Fantasy/Urban Fantasy

Epic Fantasy

Romance – Multiple sub-genres

The Snow Patrol – Paranormal

More Books – poetry, non-fiction, literary fiction:


And there will be future games in future posts for Freebie Friday on #Instafreebie! So be sure to come back every Friday and see what is going on here! Or you can subscribe via the link at the top of the sidebar.

Did you make it all the way to the bottom? Good for you! And now I have a treat for you!

Check out the banner and see if you can find the 2 easter eggs on it. This banner was created by Martha Carr and she is graciously giving away two prizes! Once the game ends, she will randomly choose two winners from those who answered correctly. This game will last until Midnight, Sunday, December 18th. Just to clarify, I don’t mean real easter eggs. Think of the extra material or images found in DVD’s and BlueRay’s. There are two items that one of the characters in the story always carries around. Name those two images and where to find them.

See below for the games instructions:


First Prize – $25 Amazon Gift Card

Second Prize – Free ebook of The List Conspiracy Book 1 in the Wallis Jones Series of Thrillers by Martha Carr

Here’s a hint because we love you readers – Think Harriet Jones, twisted grandmother in the Wallis Jones series, and what she’s always got handy.

Once you find both items in the image (click on it and expand it for better results), then post your answer in the comment section below. I will hold all of the comments i can until Sunday night. Some people will get to post since they have already posted before. So no cheating! LOL don’t read the responses before you find the answer for yourself! LOL

Sometime on Monday, Martha will choose the winners and post them in the comments section! I will reach out to the winners to give them the info they need to collect their prize!

**EDIT – ALL GAMES HAVE CLOSED. THE WINNER HAVE BEEN NOTIFIED OF THEIR PRIZES. Thank you all for playing! Come back next time to what the next game will be!**


And we are doing it again! This time we will select 3 winners to receive Book 1 in Martha’s series, The List Conspiracy. Thank you Martha for wanting to keep playing! This round of the game will end Sunday night, December 18th.

” A well-seasoned family attorney, Wallis Jones has made quite a reputation for herself. But when a stranger arrives in her driveway with a list of names, a daring enlistment strategy known as the Butterfly Project, can she find a way to uncover the truth?” Sounds good, doesn’t it?



88 Responses

  1. I know there’s a purple handgun in the upper right-hand corner. I think there’s a pink handbag on the right side too. It seems to be a handbag at least. My eyesight isn’t so great, but it was fun trying! LOL

  2. I think I found the two easter eggs. I pistol/gun in the upper right-hand corner and a pink purse on its side about halfway down towards the right side. Thank you for the chance to win.

    1. Congrats Sera! Your are one of the lucky winners!!! Martha will be contacting you shortly to redeem your prize!

  3. The easter eggs are the gun ( top right corner, facing upwards) and the pink handbag ( bottom right quadrant of the banner, on it’s side in the book stack)

    1. leave your answers in the comments section. I am holding all of the responses until Sunday night, then i will release them. 🙂

  4. I am sorry about reminding you but all my books have to come through Book funnel. Thanks so much for understanding my situation and God bless and Happy Holidays to you and your family.

    1. I believe that when you join the newsletter, most of the authors will send you a link via BookFunnel. This just happens to be a #Instafreebie promo, so all of the books are via IF. 🙂

  5. There is a orange one behind the tan scroll like thing on the left side and the other one is blue one the right side on the bottom behind the red book

    1. Congrats Kristen! You are the second lucky winner!!!! Martha will be contacting you shortly with your prize info!

  6. I believe the easter eggs would be the Bubble gum Pink Handbag that is on the right hand stacks of books about middle, and the Hand gun in the upper right hand corner

    1. Can I get the books through Book funnel please, that is the only way my phone will take them. Thanks for understanding my situation. Reading is my passion so I sure hope you can do that . Slot of the other authors are doing it because it’s easy and you receive the books in seconds. Thanks

  7. The pink purse on the bottom right and the purple or dark colored gun in the top right hand corner.

    Thx so much J.L. Hendericks! I appreciate you and all authors giving us readers free books to obsess over for a while…

    Your the best!!!

  8. The pink purse at the bottom right and the purple or dark colored gun in the upper right corner.

    Thx J.L. Hendericks for the awesome books you and other authors have given to us for free! That rarely happens with authors!…

    You are the best!

  9. I see a pink handbag in the books on the lower right, and a pink handgun in the upper right corner… 🙂

  10. It looks like the bottom of the 2 g’s in egg are the 2 eggs. I couldn’t get either picture to expand when I clicked on them.

  11. I found the “easter eggs.” They are the pink bag/purse in the middle right and the pink gun in the top right corner. Thank you for the chance at winning! Merry Christmas!

  12. I see a purple hand gun and a pink handbag. Did I get them right?
    I found some great books but I also will only use bookfunnel. Here’s hopibg the authors whose books I want to read will include the link.

  13. I”m old enough not to have a clue as to what an Easter Egg is;).This is such a kwel giveaway

  14. I tapped on the banner to expand and nothing happened. I’m working through my kindle, does this make a difference?

  15. There is a red egg on the right side resting on a what looks like a red colored book, and a purple egg on the left toward the back on the floor by what looks like a ladder or something leaning on the table of books

  16. I dont see any Easter Egg anywhere but I do see a pink coffee cup and a black one. Or a pink pocketbook and the handle of a black one. No Easter eggs . Guess my eyes are worse than I thought or else I misunderstood

  17. I think I found them. On the left bottom there is a orange egg between the books. On the left bottom way down is a blue egg. And thanks for the books.?

  18. If i am correct, i see a purse and a gun. The gun is in the top right corner. And the purse is on its side near the bottom.

  19. This game is now closed. We had 49 entrants! That is great! I will post tomorrow night who won and what they won. Thank you all for playing! the correct answer was a pink purse and a glock (handgun).
    I probably should have defined “easter egg” in this game. In pop culture, an easter egg refers to something hidden inside a DVD or in our case, a picture. Kind of like where’s waldo.
    This was so much fun, we will do it again!

  20. I believe I found the 2 Easter eggs.. There is a purple-ish pink gun facing upwards on the top-right hand corner and then towards the bottom right corner there is a pretty pink purse on the shelf sitting sideways with some contents inside it (I can’t really make out what they are, a brush maybe?!)

  21. Found a pink purse on the right side towards the middle, and a purple gun in the upper right corner.
    Thank you for the chance!
    Merry Christmas?

  22. our 2 lucky winners were Sera and Kristen! thank you all for playing! This was a lot of fun and we will do it again!

  23. For those of you who were looking for real easter eggs, you were NOT alone. I had quite a few people who did the same thing. Some just messaged me asking what that was about as they hadn’t heard of it before. It is basically a find the hidden objects game, like Where’s Waldo. I was going to use that analogy, but realized most of the younger generation probably doesn’t know who Waldo is! LOL So maybe we call it, Where’s the Hidden Gem? We can call it our own thing and i will explain it each time we play the game. 🙂
    Thank you all for playing!

  24. There is a purple gun in the upper right hand corner of the picture and a pink purse standing on one of it’s ends about a .5 inch from the bottom and about an inch from the right side, in front of a stack of books

  25. I can’t tell if the winners have been chosen yet or not? But just in case… I found a lovely pink handbag on the right about a third of the way up from the bottom, and a matching handgun (again…lovely pink – lol) in upper right corner.

  26. I was looking for actual eggs shapes…???? I’m a literal minded person! 2 ivory covered books, one on the left more toward the front top of the stack and the other on the right more toward the back middle bottom of the stack. They both have a black egg shape on the top of the spines.

  27. 1. Purple Gun pointing up and the handle is by the letters “..OVE” across the top right
    2. Pink purse is in the middle/bottom toward the right side under the word “within” in the banner.

    So much fun!! Can’t wait until we do the next one ??

    Thank you so much for all your hard work, and Happy Holidays!!! ?❄⛄

  28. The contest part of this post is now closed. We have 3 winners of Martha’s book, The List Conspiracy. Thank you Martha for the great banner and the prizes!

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