Christmas on #Instafreebie!

FREE Christmas books on #Instafreebie 20+ FREE Christmas books on #Instafreebie! Get them and enjoy this holiday season with a fantastic selection of Christmas! Sweet or Christian Romance: Paranormal Romance: Contemporary Romance: Fantasy: Historical Romance: Humor: SCI-FI: Mystery/Thriller/Horror: Non-Fiction: If these aren’t enough, then check out this 99c Christmas Sale going on Dec 14-15! Although, […]

Exciting YA reads for FREE!!

Exciting YA reads for FREE!! This month we have over a dozen Young Adult books on #Instafreebie!! All of them are free! Check out the various Science Fiction, Fantasy, and contemporary books below! Each author rated their book like a movie. Below each book cover is the movie rating. 🙂 Also, Instafreebie has a new […]

24 FREE Books on #Instafreebie!!!

24 FREE Books on #Instafreebie!!!   Check out this fantastic collection of FREE books on #instafreebie!!! There are romance, urban fantasy, mystery, and more! Urban Fantasy: Fantasy: Cozy, Mystery, Thriller, Horror: Cookbook: Sci-fi Romance: Romance:

Multi-Author and Multi-Genre FREE BOOKS!!!!! Includes Christmas in July!

All Genre’s this month! Plus a bonus Christmas in July Section! This month is a little special, I have included a section just for Christmas In July! Yes, it’s a thing. If you haven’t tried it yet, give it a go! These books are all free! All month long! Christmas in July: Science Fiction: Scifi […]

YA #Instafreebie Just For You!

Young Adult on #Instafreebie! This month it’s all about the YA! Feel free to check out all of the books! Even the romance! Since they are designed for Young Adult readers! Each Author has rated their books according to movie rating standards. Scifi: Fantasy: Urban Fantasy/Paranormal: Action/Adventure/Zombie: Mystery/Thriller: Romance: Looking for more Young Adult reads? […]