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This month it’s all about the YA! Feel free to check out all of the books! Even the romance! Since they are designed for Young Adult readers! Each Author has rated their books according to movie rating standards.


Young Adult
Rated PG – Monifa, a healer, tries to save her husband, Akin, from an early death. But will her efforts be in vain or will she save the warrior of her heart, the mate of her soul?
Young Adult
PG-13 – Slavery, or mate to an Alien Commander? Which would you choose?
The choice was simple, Paris could be a slave on the V’Zenian home world, or she could become Venay’s mate and provide him with the offspring his people so desperately needed! Until the V’Zenian’s most venomous rival, the Zateelians, attacked Venay’s ship and forced them to crash land on a distant planet. Paris had a new choice to make: save herself or help Venay exterminate aliens who have a sinister plan for the humans.
Young Adult
PG-13 – Can a human and a V’Zenian work together long enough to fight their mutual enemy?
Natalie is on a journey to realize that maybe being abducted wasn’t so bad after all. Before she can learn that, she will realize what her old fiancé was really like, and how her new life might be just what she wanted all along. And maybe she can even find a way to help the human slaves aboard her ship.
Young Adult
PG-13 – Its tough making ends meet on the outer rim territories. A short story about a mercenary/bounty hunter piloting her father’s old battle frame, gets the call to take down a big bounty.
Young Adult
PG-13 – “I knew I was not alone. They would never leave until every last one of us was gone.”
Sawyer Russo has sworn to protect humanity, and as a Watcher she’s done just that. But the Bots and Carbons that took her city are evolving, and they start picking the Watchers off one by one. One last rescue mission will change everything. When someone betrays them, the line between friend and foe is no longer easily drawn. Sawyer made a vow, and she will fulfill it, even if it means ending the person who deceived them, no matter who it might be.
It all comes down to one choice…
Who can she save?
And who does she have to let go?
PG-13 – Kenzie spent 10 years inside the enemies base. He watched from Sub 9 as Cytos fell, and humanity was destroyed before his very eyes. You may know where he ended up, but you have no idea how it all began. This is his story and these are his struggles.
From the world of Watcher comes this exclusive novella, Kenzie.
Find out where it all began.
PG-13 – Chase has been living rough on the streets of New York for months – a harrowing experience yet still better than what she endured at home.
When she and recently widowed vet, Sully, rescue a super intelligent Collie, Chase finally finds herself part of the loving family unit she has always craved, but every display of Bandit’s special skills brings them one step closer to the mercenary billionaire who created him… and he wants his expensive experiment back.
With the enemy’s personal SWAT team out for blood, a devastating turn of events finds them running for their lives as they fight to save one of their own.
PG – A gifted mind that can see what others can’t, or a delusional girl lost to facts and figures? Jyra, a half-kin with a knack for quantum theory walks the line between what is real, and what just might not be discovered yet.
PG – love-starved young woman slips away every night to adventure with dragons, mermaids and even aliens but then she wakes up.
In this unusual, Christian sci fi fantasy novel, Cara Peirce wants to help people. She wants love but making connections in real life just isn’t something she’s good at. Through an unsettling turn of events, Cara finds herself a mostly-willing participant in a bizarre life in which she only feels truly alive in her dreams. Her surreal adventures in other realms seem important, somehow. And, almost every night, she dreams of the same guy – Blaze Saxon.
In the end, only whispers remain. But the end is only the beginning.
This is the story of a faded dreamer.
PG – A Space Opera Novella. Spaceships crash across the galaxy in the comic misadventures of spy Grey Kat and pirate Black Hawk. Will Kat uncover his mask before they are imprisoned by the Emperor’s troops?


PG – In a world where dragons are extinct, a young dragonborn girl tries to uncover the dangerous truth about her persecuted race.
PG – Fifteen year old gypsy Esme is turning her thieving ways around by enrolling in spy training. But she’s finding the honest life a lot hard than it looks.
PG – When Cendrilla is forcibly betrothed to Bluebeard, a man known for killing his wives, she escapes, hoping to reach the capital before Bluebeard and his blood-thirsty henchmen exact their vengeance.
PG-13 – For five hundred years the Gods have united the Three Nations in harmony.
Now that balance has been shattered, and chaos threatens.
PG – When Ambry discovers an enchanted vial of tears she becomes the target of the tyrannical Arcaian soldiers and finds herself on the run.
PG – Tommy and Eevie are trapped in an underground labyrinth filled with deadly traps and puzzles. They must solve each riddle to survive, but every solution leads them closer to what is certain to be their demise.
PG-13 – Con artist and pickpocket Hristomarth Rofolio has made a deal to keep his head, one which he’ll come to regret. Because the lonely mountain village he’s being sent to save is under attack by not one, but seven monstrous reptilian presences. And while their size may not be intimidating, Hristomarth is about to learn that a whole lot of trouble can come in very tiny packages. This is a short story.

Urban Fantasy/Paranormal:

PG – You think regular teens have it tough? Try being a teenage half-demon. Mood swings take on a whole new meaning when they can make you grow horns. Jane is trying to work on controlling her temper, but her mother has other ideas. She thinks Jane should take a more holistic approach, like witchcraft. Jane feels different enough without adding witch to her resume.
Can Jane avoid her mom’s witchy ways and make it through high school in one piece?
Find out in My Life as a Teenage Demon, the prequel to Hell With Dick and Jane.
PG-13 – Viktoria has been an aspiring vampire hunter. This all changes when her new home is raided by vampires and she is taken hostage to become a servant of the vampires.
PG – Zeph is half angel, half human, and a total disappointment. Eve is an intriguing mystery that Zeph can’t resist trying to unravel. Together, can they discover their incredible destiny?
PG-13 – The Pussycat Dolls meet Urban Fantasy!
Jenna is the lead singer of the Voodoo Dolls, an indie-rock band that also runs a tourist shop in New Orlean’s French Quarter.
They always believed that magic wasn’t real, and their gimmicks were harmless. Until a vampire tried to use a death spell on Jenna and the whole world of magic and shifters opened up to her and her three adopted sisters.
Now two old friends from high school have appeared on their doorstep, desperate to find their lost sister. The Dolls aren’t private investigators, but with the questionable help of a shady vampire, and a wolf shifter that has more than just a little allure, the Dolls risk their lives, and necks, to save the missing triplet and prove to themselves that the world they now live in is a force for good.
If a bit of snark in your Urban Fantasy is what you love, then be prepared to fall in love with The Voodoo Dolls!
PG-13 – Caught between the forces that be, It’s no place for a human…
B’Lana Paris had only a few simple aspirations. A job, a house… a life. It can’t get any more normal than that. But when a relaxing night at the movies turns deadly, leaving her with a sustained injury, B’Lana learns that her position is much more serious. It might just seal her fate.
Caught in the clash between two aggressive dominions of ancient origin, B’Lana will be forced to decide between death and a slim chance at survival. With the unnatural curse consuming her life force her only chance to survive rests firmly in the hands of the one person she is the most unsure she can trust.
Will B’Lana be able to survive the fatal infection coursing through her blood? Or will a worse fate wait for her behind the veil of offered salvation?
PG-13 – Life for a high schooler isn’t easy, especially when you include the tiny detail of also being a werewolf.
PG-13 – Enrollment at Ghost Academy is now open; where death is just the beginning of life. Behind the doors of Ghost Academy, four new teenage ghosts discover there’s more learning to do, lives to save and life (or death) decisions to be made.
PG-13 – There are exactly one hundred halls of magic to choose from. Ever since our parents were killed I knew which hall was for me.
PG – Harley Fox is determined to solve the mysteries lurking in the woods of Shadow Pines. Why are people disappearing and why is no one allowed to leave?
PG-13 – A demon trying to kill her wasn’t what Freya had in mind when she wanted something to snap her out of her depression. But hey, whatever works, right
PG – All 23 year-old Kate Sutton wants is a relaxing summer, but that changes when she is asked to help three troubled kids in foster care. Kate is drawn to them and decides to help, but strange things begin to happen. She soon discovers that her foster kids are not quite who she had thought and that neither is she. Suddenly, Kate is thrust into a world where people have special gifts and she and the kids are being hunted. Is the gorgeous guy she sees everywhere there to help or turn them over to the ones searching for them?
PG-13 – The Prophecy Begins! One will hide! One will die! Only one will survive!


PJG-13 – An introvert with questionable sanity is caught in a Cape Town gone mad as a zombie virus ravages the city.
PG-13 – Harriet and Khuwelsa Edgbaston are not typical sisters. On a trip to Mombasa, in their steam-powered runabout, they are side-tracked by a landing Zeppelin and from that point things go from ordinary to outrageous.
As chaos reigns they are forced to make a decision that will change their entire future.
PG – When Meira wakes up as a raccoon, her mom chases her out with a broom. She’s a Changeling, like hundreds of other junior high kids who have mysteriously turned into animals all around the world. Scientists work frantically to figure out if there’s any way to change them back. And controversy is storming over the Midwest Animal Labs in Seraphim, Meira’s hometown, that the right-wing government of the Constitutional States of America says is a front for ecoterrorism and must be shut down. The whole operation is a powder keg, and all it’s going to take to explode is one raccoon doing what raccoons do best: getting into stuff and tearing it all to pieces


PG-13 – Winter breaks are supposed to be exciting, but this one is murder.
A novella of suffragists and secrets.
In December 1918, sixteen-year-old Emmie McAllister was supposed to be fixing her motorcycle and gently getting on her mother’s nerves, but when she and her boarding school rival Dessa stumble across the murdered body of her town’s most prominent suffragist, the holidays take a darker turn.
But the more they poke around, the harder life gets for outspoken women in town. With a mysterious stalker, anonymous threats, and more, if Emmie and Dessa don’t work together and find the culprit quickly, they could be the next victims.
PG-13 – Sixteen-year-old Charlie West has nowhere left to turn. A cyberstalker named Conscience has made her life a nightmare, bullying her by remote control. But in Charlie’s darkest hour, she discovers Nil, a radical underground movement using guerilla tactics to crush the worst bullies around. Charlie joins Nil and works high-risk missions, taking down bullies while playing a deadly cat-and-mouse game with her stalker. But when a trusted ally betrays Nil from within, Charlie must stand alone against Conscience…and her high-stakes war against the ultimate bully might just force her to make the ultimate sacrifice.


PG-13 – Sam is a fallen angel. His job is to protect Kyra until she gets her wings. Things get dangerous, and Sam needs to save her from invisible monsters.
More than ever, he needs to keep her safe until she turns into a Nephilim.
PG – Will Hannah Miller learn to move on from her ex-boyfriend so she can make room in her heart for the hottie next door?
PG – Rumor has it: The Earl of Wentworth is a self-serving rogue who is desired by all the women of the Ton. Lady Charity Abernathy is the epitome of naiveté who believes everything she hears. Both are hoping for happiness. Both are longing for love. And things are not always what they seem.
PG – Meet Goldie, a whore who has never had a chance to meet Jesus or even to find a respectable life. Framed for a murder she didn’t commit, she must flee the only life she has ever known, but a new adventure awaits her and love, if only she can let go of her old life and trust.
Meet Darten, a man who finds everything in his life turns to gold, but the only Gold he really wants is Goldie and she wants no part of him.
PG-13 – Shla will never be the same again, but she’s getting back on her metaphorical feet.
As a professional athlete, she’s prepared for the hours of relentless training. She’s been putting everything else off, her friends, her family and her studies, and her PT is coming along great. Nothing but walking again matters. Then she takes her first steps and realises she has to find somewhere to go.
A young adult story about getting back on your feet. Featuring romance, girls who don’t give up, disability, other girls who don’t give up and a lot of water.
PG – Ash, devastated by the recent death of her mother, is finding it hard to cope.
Things begin to look up when she meets Bentley. He’s been through a lot and together things seem to be improving.
Ash has a secret, it has the chance to make or break her.
She confides in Bentley, but has she made a huge mistake?
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Young Adult

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