Spectacular Recipes

Spectacular Recipes on #InstaFreebie

Spectacular Recipes


Are you hosting a meal this holiday season? Or bringing a dish to a party? Check out these great recipe books! Some are for all occasion, and even one is for special health diets! Grab them all and then let me know if you find a great recipe in one of the books! I could use some new ones. Here are your Spectacular Recipes:

Spectacular Recipes

Healthier French Bistro Recipes

Healthy, quick and easy French recipes.

Spectacular Recipes


Delicious Gluten and dairy free recipes. Cater for everyone this festive season!

Spectacular Recipes

Christmas Dinner in Sweet Town

Take a step back in time with the ladies of Sweet Town, the best-selling historical romance series set in the Black Hills Gold Rush. These recipes are authentic to the period and national backgrounds of the characters they’re associated with, though modernized to make it easier for cooks of today to use them. Learn how to make a traditional Lakota stew, cornbread stuffing from scratch, or mashed potatoes “fortified” with eggs.

Spectacular Recipes

A Food Palate-Holiday Heartwarmers

The holiday season is a time of friends and family. Food plays an important part of our celebrations, whether that is for a quick and simple last-minute get together or the spectacular presentation that you want for a really impressive dinner. The recipes in this book give you both a simple and a spectacular choice for your entertainment – appetizers to dessert. There is a bonus recipe – a healthy treat to make for your pets, just like all of the other Simple to Spectacular Cookbooks!


Tasting Sampler

The cookbooks of the Simple to Spectacular Collection are designed to provide a frequent source of fresh dishes for the ever-changing environment in which we live. The featured recipes are selected to give choices complexity and difficulty, from easily-created dishes to those that require more advanced techniques and skills. This small cookbook contains a sample of some of the recipes that are included in other cookbooks in the series. It is my hope that the dishes in this cookbook will provide an enjoyable journey into the fun of creating meals that bring friends together over food, and make meals more memorable. Happy eating!


Is your mouth drooling? Cuz mine sure is! Be sure to grab them all so you have a wonderful selection for everyone this Christmas and Holiday season!

Be sure to come back next week when we do another Potpourri Blog Post! Last time i had over 45 books in various genres!!! How many can we get this time? Come and find out!



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