It’s Potpourri (Multi-Genre) on #Instafreebie Time Again!! Yeah!!!

Potpourri on #Instafreebie! Go ahead and admit it, you were waiting for Potpourri on #Instafreebie Time Again! LOL I always see such huge numbers coming to the site when I offer up all genre’s for Instafreebie! So here you go! Just no erotica. Basically, all books are Rated R or below. That means you will […]

Clean Romance Reads on #Instafreebie!

Clean Romance Reads on #Instafreebie! Spring is here and so are the Clean Romance Reads on #Instafreebie! Looking for something in Science Fiction, but want a sweet romance? Got it! How about some PG-13 romance in fantasy? Got it! Clean Contemporary Romance? Yup, that too! Keep reading to see the different genres that have some […]

Exciting Scifi and Fantasy on #Instafreebie!

Exciting Scifi and Fantasy on #Instafreebie!   WOW! There is an excellent line-up of Scifi and Fantasy on #Instafreebie this week! Scintillating tales of far-off planets, wars, abductions, sword & sorcery, and children’s to name just a few! And let’s not forget the heart-warming romance that goes along with these fantastic genres! Be sure to […]

Anthologies and Boxed Sets on #Instafreebie!

Anthologies and Boxed Sets on #Instafreebie!   This week have something extra special! It’s Anthologies and boxed sets on #Instafreebie! If you have seen my posts before, you know I like to switch it up and try something new once in a while. This time I have collected some fantastic Anthologies and Boxed Sets in […]

Phoenix Prime Books Are Here!

Phoenix Prime Books Are Here!   Phoenix Prime Books Are Here! Check out all of the fantastic books that the exclusive program has brought to you! Expect to see this list increase exponentially! We are getting close to 100 books in this program! I have already started to read some of these books and I […]