Exciting Scifi and Fantasy on #Instafreebie!

Exciting Scifi and Fantasy on #Instafreebie!


WOW! There is an excellent line-up of Scifi and Fantasy on #Instafreebie this week! Scintillating tales of far-off planets, wars, abductions, sword & sorcery, and children’s to name just a few! And let’s not forget the heart-warming romance that goes along with these fantastic genres! Be sure to grab them all!


Urban Fantasy/Paranormal:

Science Fiction/Dystopian:

Scifi Romance:

99c romance sale


Epic Fantasy:

Science Fiction:

Steampunk/Magical Realism:

Children’s Middle Grade:

Wasn’t that a fantastic list of books? Want more? How about a .99c sale! Most of these authors have also joined my .99c sale! The sale is actually March 22-23, but a lot of the books are .99c now so I’m giving you early access! If a book you want isn’t .99c now, come back on the 22nd to get the sale price. 🙂 Alot of them are also free in Kindle Unlimited! So click the banner below to see the sale page: http://jlhendricksauthor.com/2017/03/17/scififantasy-99c-sale-now/



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  1. How am I to get any sleep??????But with my cat on my lap and a cop of hot cocoa?☕ I am sure I’ll do just fine …. Love all these free books! ? It is like giving candy? to a child… THANK YOU.. THANK YOU!!❤

  2. So many new authors to explore! Thank you! Now all I have to worry about is if I have enough time in a day to read them all.

    1. I always think I’m going to win the lottery and retire to an island where I read on the beach all day! LOL

  3. Thanks JL and all participating authors for the great free reads!
    Special thanks to Jean Lowe Carlson for the amazing new covers on BlackMark the Kingsman Chronicles. I just sent you an email saying how much I love these new covers and wish I had them & I guess wishes really do come true, now I have book 1 free!
    Now I can’t wait to get book 2 BloodMark & eagerly awaiting relese of book 3.
    I wonder how you’ll change that cover!

  4. Hi!
    I’m interested in your promotions, are you accepting authors to join in on future promotions? I write SCi Fi; I’m happy to send any information you might need. Thanks so much. Have a great day!

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