Anthologies and Boxed Sets on #Instafreebie!

Anthologies and Boxed Sets on #Instafreebie!


This week have something extra special! It’s Anthologies and boxed sets on #Instafreebie! If you have seen my posts before, you know I like to switch it up and try something new once in a while. This time I have collected some fantastic Anthologies and Boxed Sets in various genres! Some are collections by a single author and some are multi-author collections. Either way, it means more stories in one download! Feel free to grab them all, or only a few. But either way, check them all out! And as usual, there will also be a .99c promo to accompany this Instafreebie special! So scroll to the bottom after downloading all of these great FREE anthologies and boxed sets on Instafreebie so you can find more Anthologies and boxed sets on Amazon for only .99c! But be careful of the dates, the sale only lasts for a couple of days. The sale is March 10-11 only








Comedy Shorts:

Steamy Romance:


How about all of those anthologies! What a great selection! Want more? Come and check out the .99c anthology/boxed set sale! The sale is valid March 10-11.

99c anthology/boxed set sale March 10-11




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