It’s Potpourri (Multi-Genre) on #Instafreebie Time Again!! Yeah!!!

Potpourri on #Instafreebie!

Go ahead and admit it, you were waiting for Potpourri on #Instafreebie Time Again! LOL I always see such huge numbers coming to the site when I offer up all genre’s for Instafreebie! So here you go! Just no erotica. Basically, all books are Rated R or below. That means you will see books that would be rated G, PG, PG-13, or R if they were made into movies. If anything is above an R, please let me know. I try very hard to weed out those books.

Young Adults – Rated G – PG-13:

Urban Fantasy – PG – R:

New Orleans Magic Snippet 2

Fantasy – PG – R:

Sci-Fi Romance – PG – R:

Science Fiction/Dystopian PG – R:

Historical/Western Romance PG – R:

Paranormal Romance PG – R:

Paranormal Suspense/Romantic Suspense/Suspense-Thriller – PG – R:

Cozy Mystery PG – R:

Christian/Inspirational G – PG-13:

Literary Fiction/Chick Lit PG – R:

Romance PG – R:

 Special sale!!! Check out this .99c sale! The prices will all be .99c May 18-19, but I’m giving you early access since most of the authors were generous and have already changed their prices to .99c! If you are looking at this outside of the sale dates, play close attention to price before 1-clicking. Most of the books are also free in KU! This sale has books in almost every single genre! Romance, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Urban Fantasy, Young Adult, and even some non-fiction! So come and check it out!



6 Responses

  1. Thank you for such a variety of affordable and interesting readable books. You have made my days much more enjoyable for which I am grateful.

  2. Thanks for organising this. There’s some great covers here, but it’s a pity Instafreebie doesn’t show any blurb for them. I’d like at least a sentence about the books to help me decide if I’d like them.

    1. Tahlia,
      I know what you mean! But I figure since they are free, I’ll try them. If I don’t like a book, I can always delete it! Hope you found something you’ll enjoy! I am always excited when it comes to free books, and JL Hendricks is wonderful for doing this all the time! (I don’t know why my Fs would only print in upper case, lol)


  3. This is such a splendid surprise. I am out of reading material and times are tough financially. You are a blessing. Thank you ever so much!

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