Join Me in the Land of Enchantment – New Orleans!

The Voodoo Dolls


There are 2 sides to New Orleans, the one all humans see, and the one very few survive long enough to enjoy. This tale is of 4 adopted sisters who find out about the underbelly of New Orleans and survive to tell the tale!


For a Limited Time, get this Boxed Set of The Voodoo Dolls containing the entire series and the prequel that garnered J.L. Hendricks the title of USA Today Bestselling Author for only 99c! Also available in Kindle Unlimited.

Voodoo Dolls Boxed Set

All Jenna and her sisters, The Voodoo Dolls, wanted was a recording contract. Was that too much to ask? Instead, they were attacked by a vampire using borrowed magic. When Jenna almost died, she ended up being rescued by the sexy leader of the local wolfpack who promised them protection from this new reality. Life in the Big Easy was anything but.


Now their friend has gone missing and the girls swear to find her. Along the way, they find themselves in too much trouble to do this alone, so they enlist the help of the wolfpack. As their story progresses, they learn more about themselves than they ever thought possible. With this new knowledge, they set out to help the humans of New Orleans to fight back against the supernatural creatures who wish to harm them.


Ever wonder what Josie & The Pussycats would’ve been if all grown up, adult and hot, oh and add in a bunch of supporting characters with magic powers while your at it? Well, wonder no more and just read New Orleans Magic. It’s a total riot and tons of fun. – The Mysterious Amazon Reviewer


—Adopted Siblings who make up a band in the paranormal atmosphere of New Orleans? Awesome, especially when they don’t actually believe in the paranormal, like magic, Vampires or Wolf shifters and yet run a magic shop, to boot. Well now anything can happen and it does. I was caught from the first words when the book begins with a vampire chasing two of the girls. You will have to read it for yourself to learn how it ends�� Great read, loved it. – Victoria Palmer’s Review


These girls may be gorgeous, talented, and with a certain amount of sass, but kick ass they do not! Not when they’ve just recently learned that the supernatural is real. Instead, Hendricks has real people, characters who have room for growth, and who will surely kick some serious butt in the future! A lot of promise here. – Amazon Reviewer

—I really enjoyed reading this fast paced book. Full of everything from friends to flirting to shifters and witches and can’t forget the vampires. It was a real good read. I couldn’t put the book down. – Tonya 

This series make me laugh, I love the Voodoo Dolls, so independent and funny. Never a dull moment, very well written. – Oscar

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Voodoo Dolls Boxed Set
The Voodoo Dolls Boxed Set



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