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The Voodoo Dolls

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New Orleans Magic, Book 1 in this fantastic new series!

The Voodoo Dolls

New Orleans Magic begins right after Jenna, Indie, Kat, and Sam learn Magic is Real! The four girls are adopted sisters and make up an Indie Rock Band, The Voodoo Dolls! They just recently learned about the seedy underbelly of New Orleans, LA when a vampire used a death spell to try and kill Jenna. Now, the girls are protected by the local wolf shifter pack. When Acadia, a triplet, goes missing, her sisters come to The Dolls for help. Jenna enlists the assistance of Rico and his pack, while Kat goes to Ivan, an ex-communicated vampire! Can everyone work together to bring Acadia home safe and sound? Or will The Dolls learn the hard way not to mess with vampires or magic?

Available exclusively on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited!

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Hurricane of Magic, Book 2 of The Voodoo Dolls!

Hurricane of Magic

More than a hurricane is coming…

Jenna and the Dolls are preparing for Hurricane Gerttie while the vampires are preparing in a very different way.

A total of eight freshman girls from the local university go missing and the Dolls team up with Rico and his pack to find them.

Even the local witch’s council is getting involved in a way no one ever expected! Can their help increase the chances of success for Jenna?

Available Exclusively on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited!

Available on Amazon

Council of Magic, Book 3 in The Voodoo Dolls Series. Get it now!

Everyone knows shifter DNA is dominant. So why can’t Kat shift?

When a young woman comes to Kat and Jenna desperate for help with her boyfriend, they stumble upon something much bigger than just a cheating boyfriend. They find a monster – and one Rico and Damien thought they had already grappled with in the Big Easy. The creature was supposed to be dead. So what happened?

But it’s not just revealing the monster’s secrets that has caught Kat’s attention. With a new man on the scene, she’ll have to decide how much she truly cares for Ivan…

Readers, this one is for you! You asked about Kat’s past and now you will learn exactly who Kat Deveroix is.

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There is a companion series to the Voodoo Dolls!

The Voodoo Dolls

Each novelette in this series focuses on one of the four Voodoo Doll Sisters! Come and get to know these girls even better!


Magic’s Not Real is the first novella in The Voodoo Doll series! It tells Jenna’s story.

Magic's Not Real

What happens when you don’t believe in magic or the paranormal, but a magic-wielding vampire tries to kill you?

Find out what Jenna, and her sisters, do when a vampire attacks her with a death curse!

Rico, a hot, alpha wolf shifter, intervenes and offers The Dolls his pack’s protection. Can he save Jenna from the vampire who’s hell-bent on destroying her?

Available Exclusively on Amazon!

Available on Amazon

Keep an eye out for more books in both series of The Voodoo Dolls!