New Orleans Magic Snippet 2

New Orleans Magic Snippet 2 Time!

New Orleans Magic!

I’m super excited! The Voodoo Dolls Book 1, New Orleans Magic will be here tomorrow, April 27th!!!! If you’ve already pre-ordered, you should get it tonight! Want another snippet?

New Orleans Magic Snippet 2

New Orleans Magic Snippet 2:

“Hi, Lisa! What can I help you with today? Some more rose tea?”

Lisa loved the tea. She came in regularly for it. A few weeks back she came in and purchased a love potion. We sell the rose tea re-packaged as a love potion. It worked for her. Her boyfriend, now fiancé, loved the tea so much she comes in and buys it on a regular basis. Of course, I mark it up nicely.

“Yup. Need more tea and was thinking about getting some of your aphrodisiac fudge for a friend of mine.” Lisa smiled and walked up to the counter.

“None for yourself?” I winked at her.

“Nope, all good in that department. In fact, I can hardly keep my fiancé away from me now.” Lisa laughed and shook her head.

“When is the wedding?” She had invited me two weeks ago when she came by to tell me about it.

“We’re still looking at venues. Once we decide on the location, we’ll get their first available date. I don’t want to wait any longer before I’m married to the man of my dreams.” She giggled and looked at the fudge display case.

“So, who in your very wide circle needs help in the love department?” I loved to talk about Lisa’s friends. When something worked for them, they came in and started buying their own stock of whatever they needed. Lisa was turning into my best marketing tool.

“Today is all about Samantha. We discovered her boyfriend was cheating on her. She’s such a sweet girl too. Poor thing. She wanted to wait for marriage before sharing her bed. Tom agreed too! The rat! Oh! Can we turn him into a rat?” Lisa giggled and looked around the store. There wasn’t anyone else but my friends.

“Um, that would be a no. We can’t do anything to seriously hurt someone. I do have a potion which will make it very difficult for him to, um, ‘work’ for someone else. If you know what I mean?” I elbowed her and wiggled my brows.

“Ohhh, do tell.” Lisa gave me her undivided attention.

“Does Tom have a favorite drink? Maybe he keeps a bottle of scotch or something similar at his place?” I asked.

“Yes, he drinks scotch almost every night when he gets home from work.” Lisa nodded her head.

“Okay, follow me.” I walked us over to the potions aisle. “This here,” I pulled down a small, iridescent blue bottle. “Will make it so that your intended target won’t feel up to being with anyone, at all.”

“Hmm, how long will the effects last?” Lisa had crossed an arm over her chest to support her right elbow. She tapped her lips with her right index finger as she eyed the pretty bottle.

“If you put it in his drink, he won’t feel up for anything all night long. Maybe even the next day, depending on how much he drinks. Don’t put too much in his drink, or he’ll notice the taste.” I held the bottle out for Lisa to see.

Lisa took it in her hands. “How much does it cost?”

“It’s fifty dollars an ounce but worth every penny. Remember Emily? She used this and said it worked. Her ex even stopped sleeping with his secretary. Apparently, she found someone else while he was sick.” I raised my brows.

“Oh, that sounds perfect! Tom doesn’t know Samantha found out. The stupid guy made a sex tape! He had it at his apartment, of all places! I really can’t believe how stupid he is. He asked Samantha to come over and take care of his plants while he was out of town on business.” Lisa shook her head and chuckled.

“Samantha saw a videotape sitting on the top of his TV. She was curious, who still uses VHS? So, she put it in and watched part of it. He comes back tomorrow. I hoped to have a plan for her before he arrives. This will be perfect!” Lisa smiled and pulled the stopper off the top of the bottle and smelled the contents. She scrunched her face up at the putrid smell.

“This should work just fine. Have Samantha pour the contents of this bottle into a mostly full bottle of liquor. Colored liquor, like brandy, will work best. She should shake the bottle a bit and then pour his drink. It’s pretty fast acting, so whatever else she has planned, she might want to do it quickly.” I walked back to the cash register.

“Anything else?” This wasn’t going to be a one hundred dollar sale, but it would still be a nice one.

Lately, I seemed to have all of my sales over one hundred dollars. Business has been very good. Most of it had to do with couples and their issues. Lots of money to be made in the romance department.

New Orleans Magic Snippet 2

You won’t want to miss what happens next!

New Orleans Magic is available now at the low price of .99c. This introductory offer is only good for the first week, then it goes up to $2.99. So grab your copy now! New Orleans Magic is available only on Amazon:

Did you know there are actually 3 stories currently available in this series?

New Orleans Magic is Book 1 in the main series.

New Orleans Magic Snippet 1

The Voodoo That You Do is a short story prequel that shows the power of Indie and why men should never cheat on women! Especially one who runs a Voodoo Shop! Does Indie have mad voodoo skills? Read the Voodoo That You Do inside of Midnight Magic today! Midnight Magic is a 16 compilation set of Urban Fantasy short stories and novellas! Currently available for only .99c!

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Magic’s Not Real is another prequel novella in the Voodoo Dolls universe. This story is only available inside of Myths & Legends boxed set, which has already gone live! This story shows how Indie, Jenna, Kat, and Sam all discovered Magic IS Real! Magic’s Not Real tells the story of when Jenna was attacked by a vampire who tried using a death curse on her. When that didn’t work, he kidnapped her! You won’t want to miss the story where Jenna and Rico first meet, or miss out on meeting some of the newest customers for The Voodoo Doll House!

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