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New Orleans Magic!


It’s that time! Yup! New Orleans Magic, The Voodoo Dolls Book 1, releases April 27th! For those who’ve pre-ordered, you should have it in your Kindle Devices late on the 26th! So in anticipation of this new series coming, here is a snippet to wet your appetite!

First, I want to give you an introduction to the series, for those who don’t know what it is, yet. If you know about this series, feel free to scroll down to the snippet! 😉

New Orleans Magic is an Urban Fantasy universe where magic is real! The Voodoo Dolls are an indie rock band made up of Jenna, Indie, Kat, and Sam. They also run a shop called, The Voodoo Dolls House. Where you can find aphrodisiac fudge, voodoo dolls, love potions, impotence potions, and so much more! In this universe, Vampires and witches are the bad guys. Wolf Shifters are the good guys who patrol the city of New Orleans making sure the good guys don’t break too many laws, or necks! We open up the story with Indie and Kat in trouble, running from a vampire.

They didn’t go looking trouble, it just sorta found them.

Keep reading after the snippet to see the current universe and where to get the 3 different books available now!

“Oh my Buddha! Kat! Why’s that vampire still chasing us?” I was almost out of breath.

Kat and I were on the run from a vampire who wouldn’t leave us alone. It’s not like we tried to start any trouble. Trouble just sorta found us.

“Keep going, Indie! We’re almost back to Bourbon Street,” Kat huffed as she ran around a corner with me following.

We were running down a side alley. It was a shortcut back to civilization, or so we hoped. There were no lights on, and the area was covered in debris. It looked like someone had used this alley as their own personal dumpster. There were broken crates, open garbage bags, and beat-up furniture lining the pathway.

The place smelled worse than any dumpster I could remember. I wasn’t sure if there were dirty diapers everywhere, or if a group of people had used this alley as their own personal toilets. My nose itched from the acidic smell surrounding me.

I had to jump over a pile of junk. Hopefully, this would slow the guy down, but I doubted it. It probably just slowed us down.

I hope I can make this jump. There is no way I could handle landing in that pile.

“Oomph!” I barely made it over the debris. My foot almost touched something brown and gooey. Which caused me to shiver just thinking about what was beneath my feet.

“You are so cute. Do you really think you can outrun me?” The vampire hissed in my ear.

How did he get so close so fast?

“Aahhhhh!” I screamed as he grabbed me around the waist and pulled me to a stop. “Let me go! When the pack finds out what you’ve done, they will kill you!” I spat in his face.

“Let.Her.Go!” Kat yelled as she conked him over the head with a metal rod.

The vampire let me go and swirled around to grab Kat. His hands were a blur as he yanked the metal rod out of her hand and sank his teeth into her neck.

“Aaahhhh!” Kat screamed and tried to push the bloodsucker away from her.

The demon from hell pushed her away and spit her blood out. “What are you? You taste like a mutt!”

He wiped his mouth with his shirt sleeve and spit the rest out of his mouth. While he was busy, we continued to run toward the safety of lights and crowds.

“Not so fast.” He grabbed us by our collars and pulled us to him.

“Stop right now! Let us go. We’re protected by the local pack. You know you can’t mess with us. It’s in your own laws!” I continued to struggle but to no avail.

“Where are your protectors? I don’t see any wolves trying to help you.” He cackled and sniffed my neck.

“If you were under my protection, I wouldn’t let you out of my sight. Would you like to be mine?” The vampire nuzzled my neck and licked right over an artery. “Mmm, I would love to keep you in my arms at all times.”

“Not even if my life depended on it!” I tried to kick against his shin, and he just laughed into my ear.

“Dear, your life does depend on…” The devil’s spawn was cut off before he could finish his sentence, and we were free.

Kat and I both spun on our heels to see who saved us. “Ivan! Perfect timing, again.” Kat smiled at the new guy.

“Who’s Ivan?” I asked, and then it dawned on me. “Oh! He’s your…friend. The one you told us about a few weeks ago?” I covered my mouth and looked between Ivan and Kat.


New Orleans Magic is available for pre-order now at the low price of .99c. This introductory offer is only good for the first week, then it goes up to $2.99. So grab your copy now! New Orleans Magic is available only on Amazon:

Did you know there are actually 3 stories currently available in this series?

New Orleans Magic is Book 1 in the main series.

New Orleans Magic Snippet 1

The Voodoo That You Do is a short story prequel that shows the power of Indie and why men should never cheat on women! Especially one who runs a Voodoo Shop! Does Indie have mad voodoo skills? Read the Voodoo That You Do inside of Midnight Magic today! Midnight Magic is a 16 compilation set of Urban Fantasy short stories and novellas! Currently available for only .99c! On pre-order today, but launches Tuesday, April 25. For those who pre-order, you should get it late on the 24th!

Midnight Magic Universal Link:

Magic’s Not Real is another prequel novella in the Voodoo Dolls universe. This story is only available inside of Myths & Legends boxed set, which has already gone live! This story shows how Indie, Jenna, Kat, and Sam all discovered Magic IS Real! Magic’s Not Real tells the story of when Jenna was attacked by a vampire who tried using a death curse on her. When that didn’t work, he kidnapped her! You won’t want to miss the story where Jenna and Rico first meet, or miss out on meeting some of the newest customers for The Voodoo Doll House!

Book Blitz for Myths & Legends

Myths & Legends Universal Link:



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