It’s #Christmas on #InstaFreebie in November!

Merry Christmas!

I know, it is Thanksgiving week for the US, all of the military, and expats around the world. But I wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas before it came and went! I got together with some author friends and we have a list of about 20 FREE books for you! All of them are Christmas or Seasonal themed books! I hope you enjoy this beautiful list of #Free books on #Instafreebie.

Merry Christmas

Maid for the South Pole

Can the heat of a South Pole summer be enough to thaw two icy hearts?

Merry Christmas

Carrie Hatchett’s Christmas

It’s Christmas! The alien invasion has begun.
Carrie Hatchett’s hoping for a quiet Christmas. She’s got five times as much food as she needs, and she’s made a catnip surprise and a dogfood cake for her pets.
But there’s no rest for Carrie.
An ancient race seems intent on invading Earth. As a Transgalactic Intercultural Community Crisis Liaison Officer, Carrie’s duty-bound to respond to the threat.

Merry Christmas

All I Want for Christmas

When a toddler goes missing, can DC Ngaire Blakes rescue her before one family’s Christmas turns from a celebration into a nightmare?

Merry Christmas

Snowed Inn

A woman rancher hitches the community’s dreams to her sleigh ride business and ropes in a heap of trouble for them and her heart.
Jayne Gardner turned her family’s ranch into the successful Snowed Inn Lodge and Restaurant. After she learns the community has one month to earn funds needed for a grant, she donates her company’s sleigh rides for a community fundraiser.
When Jayne’s new volunteer sleigh driver turns out to be Forrest Hunsaker, the man who left her three years ago, Jayne sets up three rules to maintain a professional distance and protect her heart.
When vandals strike Snowed Inn, Jayne must team up with Forrest to prevent a fundraiser fail. Now Jayne must decide if breaking all her rules will break her heart. Again.

Merry Christmas

Miss Claus and the Secret Santa

Did you know that Santa is a wolf shifter? Well he is! The mantle of Santa always goes from father to son, except this time. The current Santa only had girls! How does his daughter, Lizzie, find her future Santa? And who is killing off other Arctic Wolf packs? Come and join a fun paranormal Christmas romance and learn the truth about Santa Claus! This is as Exlusive 3 chapter sneak peek of the book that comes out at the end of the month, November 30th.

Merry Christmas

A Charlie Brown Christmas

Ming Leibowitz just wants to watch her favorite Christmas movie in peace. Too bad her least favorite person just showed up.

Merry Christmas

Endless Winter

Trapped in an unfamiliar room with no way out, Anais has no idea just how much her life is about to change. A locked door stands between her and freedom but as she is just about to find out, the door is the least of her problems.

Merry Christmas

Santas Wayward Elf

NOTE: This book has a guileless elf heroine you can’t help but fall in love with, a hunky hero who knows how to come to a girl’s – er, elf’s – rescue, some serious kissing under the mistletoe, and lots of steamy romance!
Taller than the other elves, Sosie has always had a problem fitting in at the North Pole, so when the sled breaks down in New York City on Christmas Eve, she can’t resist exploring the world of the “big people.” While she’s having fun, the sled takes off, leaving the naïve elf stranded. Fortunately, handsome police detective Derek Clayton comes to her rescue. She falls hard and fast for him, and wants to tell him she’s an elf, but doesn’t know how. Will she be able to keep her pointed ears a secret?

Merry Christmas

Santa Meets Mrs. Claus

Ever wonder why no one has seen Santa Claus? One of the reasons is that he is an Arctic Wolf Shifter!

How does Santa find his Mrs. Claus? It’s not like he can “Swipe Left” and meet the perfect girl!

Get your free copy and find out these answers while you enjoy a bit of Christmas excitement as a rival pack makes a play for Santa’s job!

This is the prequel to Miss Claus and the Secret Santa.

Merry Christmas

Coconutty Christmas

Kalea has repeatedly been warned about the temporary nature and heartbreaking consequences of falling for a handsome tourist passing through her little slice of Hawaiian paradise. Will the fear of being hurt keep her from experiencing all of the delightful surprises that life has to offer? Or will the trifecta of gorgeous Russ, a freak storm, and an unforgettable Christmas allow her to open her heart to the possibility of finding her happily ever after ending?

Merry Christmas

The Seeker from the Stars

A Christmas Sci-fi

Christmas Outing

Christmas Outing

Troy’s family doesn’t know he’s gay or that he’s suffering from PTSD, so he’s bringing his boyfriend and service dog home for the holidays. What could possibly go wrong?

Merry Christmas

Silver Bells

Isolated in her cruel step-father’s cabin on the frontier, Hannah has been caring for her younger siblings since their mother died. Now that she’s eighteen, her step-father plans to marry her off to an old prospector and get rid of the children once and for all. With a blizzard blanketing the Dakota Territory and little more than hope, Hannah escapes with her siblings to try to find a safer life. But can a Christmas miracle save them from being lost forever?

Merry Christmas

Bewitch you a Merry Christmas

The holidays are finally here, and River Halloway is looking forward to a quiet Christmas with her housemates and new ‘official’ boyfriend. However, when she wakes up on Christmas Eve to see two strange ghosts sitting at the foot of her bed who remember absolutely nothing apart from their killer telling them that River is the next target, that hope is quickly shattered as she sets out to find their killer and solve the mystery before she becomes the next victim. A fun, magical read to get you through the holidays!


Christmas with the Vampire

Beatrix, a daring college student, can’t believe she gets to spend Christmas traveling alone in Europe! But her excitement fades when a terrifying natural disaster strikes, trapping her in a remote Gothic village at the mercy of Augustin, a gorgeous Czech vampire with sad eyes and a tragic past.


Merry Christmas! Did you see the banner? There is an Easter Egg on it! Not the kind that the Easter Bunny delivers, but the fun kind you can find in DVD’s and Blue-Ray’s! Figure it out and post a comment. I will pick two people at random to win the item (Game has closed and winners have been awarded a copy of Worlds Away). Sorry ladies, it is NOT the hot guy! LOL If you have a hard time finding it, look around my website and you might find something familiar! Thanks Fleur Camacho for creating such a fun banner this week!

For those of you who received this in your email box because you subscribed to my blog, head on over to my website and look at the blog that way if you want to play the game. I don’t believe that the banner shows up in the email.

I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and a yummy Thanksgiving too!

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  1. I see some have already started to play the game! Nice! I am going to hold all of the responses until Friday. Then i will release them all and let you know who won!!! This is fun! 😉

  2. The Easter Egg is that the man on the banner is holding either a hard copy or an e-copy of one of your books.

  3. I see the hot guy, but he’s holding something even hotter! Is that Worlds Away!?! I’m pretty sure, who could miss the gorgeous cover? Wow would that be an awesome Christmas present ?Thank you for all the wonderful Christmas stories, they will definitely help me when I need a break from all the amazing people I love. Just all at once can be… challenging?! Have a fabulous holiday this week for those who celebrate thanksgiving and and even if you don’t, realizing how much you have is always a rewarding experience.

  4. Could the easter egg be the cover on the cute guy’s ereader? He’s recommending ‘Worlds Away’ to his lady friend! 😉

    Thanks for the free books, and for providing a synopsis for each one. I really appreciate it. 🙂

  5. You totally took my comment! I was gonna say the Hot Guy!! But no, he’s holding what looks like a book which I think is Worlds Away. And you are correct, the banner did not show up in the email. But thanks for the list of freebies! I found a couple I liked 😀

    1. Yes, everyone was correct! My book, Worlds Away, is the Easter Egg! This game is closed. The two winners are: Sonya R. and Diana S. I will contact each of them and send them the codes needed to download a free copy of my eBook, Worlds Away! Congrats to the winners and i hope that everyone had fun playing!

  6. Pretty sneaky how there is a hot guy holding a copy of your book Worlds Away. If I didn’t know better I’d say he was into trying to sell your book. 😉

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