YA and Clean

More #YA & Clean on #Instafreebie!

#YA & Clean on #Instafreebie

Are you looking for some awesome YA and Clean books for #Free? Come and check out the YA and Clean on#Instafreebie list I have here for you! This is my usual #FreebieFriday on #Instafreebie post, just a few days early. 🙂 Instead of getting depressed from all of the politics, you can immerse yourself into a FREE book and relax! No matter where in the world you are!

YA and Clean

YA and Clean

Unicorn Magic

Feyland: a new computer game that allows Scottish teenager Corinne MacArthur to escape the sadness haunting her everyday life after losing a loved one. It’s a game where legends come to life, the lines between reality and fantasy become blurred, and the impossible becomes – probable?

YA and Clean

Santa Meets Mrs. Claus

Ever wonder why no one has seen Santa Claus? One of the reasons is that he is an Arctic Wolf Shifter! The find out the other one, you will have to read this book. This is a full novella prequel to a new and exciting Christmas Shifter Romance series. Fun & Clean for the entire family!

YA and Clean

The Shadow Children

Everything you know is a lie…
Eighteen-year-old Grace is sick of running. For over two thousand years the Angels have hunted the halfborn, determined to maintain the barrier that conceals the magical world from Human eyes. Grace and her foster family have survived capture by living amongst humans, but the noose is tightening as the spell binding their magic begins to fail.
When unexpected allies send Grace and her family crashing into the world of The Shadow Children, she finds herself at the epicentre of a battle to save those she loves.
But who can she trust when everyone has the face of an angel?
*Sneak peek preview of the first five chapters, available exclusively on instafreebie!*

YA and Clean


When you’re haunted by death, is your only chance for peace scented like an angel?

YA and Clean

The Amber Project

In 2157, a mysterious gas known as Variant spreads across the globe, killing or mutating most organic life. The surviving humans take refuge in an underground city, determined to return home. But after generations of failures and botched attempts, hope is beginning to dwindle. That is, until a young scientist makes a unique discovery—and everything changes. Suddenly, there’s reason to hope again, and it rests within a group of genetically engineered children that are both human and Variant.
Terry is one of these children, modified and trained to endure the harsh conditions of a planet he cannot begin to understand. After years of preparation, Terry thinks he knows what to expect. But the reality is far stranger than anything he can imagine—and what he will become is far more dangerous.

YA and Clean


It’s survival of the fittest, but first you have to fit in.
Shae is sure the icy rage that eats away at her is driving away her friends and pulling her closer to the wrong boy. But, as her protected world unravels, she discovers the violent supernatural world that lurks in her quiet hometown and the ancient feuds that threaten to destroy both her friends and her family. To save those she loves, Shae must succumb to her own fury, but at what cost?

YA and Clean

Soul Survivor

When sibling rivalry spills over into the land of mortals, the mortals lose. Great evil, spawn of the underworld, is poised to sweep all life from the planet, and only the twins can stop it. Jealousy, love, hatred and magic battle for the ultimate control of the souls of the world. Only one will be left standing, and if it is the wrong one, how will the world survive?
Soul Survivor is the prequel to SEER OF SOULS, a 2016 Finalist for the DANTE ROSSETTI Awards for Young Adult Fiction!

Heart of the Dead

Heart of the Dead

A girl who sees ghosts must help a group of vampires hunt down a savage flesh eater.

YA and Clean

Born to Run

Alexandra Anderson is on the run from the law.
When the thirteen-year-old orphan can run no further, she collapses at the gates of the prestigious racing and breeding farm, North Oak. Horse racing strikes a deep chord in her. She hears a higher calling in the jingle jangle of bit and stirrup and in the thunder of hooves on the turn for home. It tells her she has a place in the world. But when the racing headlines find her on the front of every sports page, she realizes North Oak is no longer a safe haven.
Money can’t buy love, but it just might secure Alex’s future. Will everyone at North Oak still want to offer her a home when they learn of her unspeakable crime?

YA and Clean

The Midnight Sea

Magic and romance weave together in this “spellbinding fantasy” (Kirkus Reviews) set in ancient Persia. As a girl and her demon pursue a deadly foe across the arid waste of the Great Salt Plain to the glittering capital of Persepolae, she’s forced to question his slavery—and her own loyalty to the empire. Book #1 of the Fourth Element trilogy.

YA and Clean

The Weeds Within the Rulership

The hated groverweed might be the key to her forbidden magic.

YA and Clean

Clarion Call 1

Five Timeless Stories of the Future

YA and Clean


The Sweepers are coming. The hunt for humankind begins. The year is 2069. Sixteen-year-old Derry and her brother live in perpetual fear of capture. They survive underground on a post-apocalyptic earth overrun by gangs and clones, and hunted overhead by mysterious hoverships. When her brother goes missing, Derry’s only hope of finding him is to strike a deal with a group of cutthroat subversives. Desperate to save her only sibling, she leads a daring raid to uncover the secrets behind the Sweepers’ hoverships, but soon finds out the world she knows is a lie. Keeping her brother alive may require trusting her enemy and opening her heart to someone scarcely human.

YA and Clean

Gates of Heaven

Alaira has committed the most serious crime against the throne and is now on the run from the king and his army. If captured she will face brutal punishment.
With no place left to hide, she is left with no choice to but enter a mythical gate. What she doesn’t know is that the aftermath can be quite risky!

YA and Clean

The Lodestone

When twelve year old Jack Paris feels the small jaws of a creature that shouldn’t exist clamp down on his leg, life as he knows it in Texas comes to a sudden end. An evil wizard from another world hunts him for unknown purposes and will stop at nothing to capture him. When Jack finally realizes why the wizard needs him, he learns that to live and love, you sometimes have to be willing to die.



When sixteen-year-old Buddy Clemson meets a stranger about his own age, he’s willing to overlook the young boy’s outlandish outfit and his strange habit of talking to himself. Little does Buddy know that he’s just met a visitor from the planet Betelle, who is in training to become a Galactic Ambassador.



Initiation is the first in the School of Exorcists YA paranormal romance and adventure series, featuring ghosts, magic, mystery and first love.


The Dream Ripper

Erica steals dreams for a living and sells them on the black market, but after her brother is murdered, she’ll do anything to track down his killers.


My Fair Assassin

It’s not everyday a teenage girl is singled out for assassination.
Crysta has come to accept the fact that she is freakishly different. Her shocking white hair, creepy powers, and weird eating habits have prevented her from fitting in with her various foster families. Now that she is fully emancipated and providing for herself, she hopes that life will settle down and become something halfway normal.
Her hopes are shattered when a dangerous man with lethal intent breaks into her apartment, but this enticing stranger isn’t what he seems. Is he here to kill her or protect her from others who will?


The Slave Planet

A Science Fiction Romance where women rule the world


A Question of Faith

If Crystal can’t learn to control her magical powers, she’ll lose more than her family, her friends, and her faith. She just might start the apocalypse.


Return of the Knave

A teenage girl in medieval times must keep her father from killing the only boy she’s ever loved. In the process, she must also save her village from an evil sorcerer and his mutant henchmen. It’s just another day in the life of this indomitable farmer’s daughter. Short Story – Humor / Fantasy


Two Percent Power

When a maniacal egomaniac makes his move to take over the city, a group of misfit superheroes must band together to stop the madman’s plot.


A Bucketful of Awesome

“Reasonable things will never bring you joy as much as unreasonable ones do.”
From summer full of basketball to basketball every once in a while. From no hospitals to weekly hospital visits. From just a best friend to a bunch of them. From no chefs to multicultural chefs. From school to college. From a teenager to adult. From a wild streak to a terrified, rebellious one.
And from a summer of no bucket list to a summer full of one.
It was safe to say that Summer Wallace’s life had taken a 180 degree. Consequentially, so did Blake Walker’s.


A Coronation of Kings

Tyranny. Desperation. Rebellion.
While Tristan may be the heir to the House of Listar, at heart he’s more a lad than a lord.
Mad with power, the ruthless and scheming Baron of Belnair will stop at nothing to gain the crown. In the dead of night, the Baron massacres Tristan’s family and burns their home to the ground. Desperate and alone, Tristan must fight for his life and his people.
With everything at stake, Tristan must unite the unlikeliest of allies to block the Baron’s ascent. For the first time in his life, he must become the leader he was born to be.
The Baron’s armies grow as an ancient magic stirs in the mountains. If Tristan fails, the throne, his freedom, and the love of his life will be lost forever.
A Coronation of Kings is the first book in this exciting new fantasy series. If you like fast-paced adventures, spellbinding sorcery, and wondrous new worlds, you will love Samuel Stokes’ A Coronation of Kings.


Murder Any Witch Way

Being a witch is hard. It’s even harder when you live in a town that doesn’t believe in witches.
When young witch River Halloway moves to sleepy Brimstone Bay for her very first journalist job, she doesn’t expect to cover anything ground-breaking. That is, until a paranormal festival comes to town and a body is found on opening night. Now, with all evidence pointing towards a witch, River must find the true killer before she becomes the prime suspect, or worse, the next murder victim.


Seaside Kisses

People change, but some feelings last forever.
Rafael Hunter never thought he’d return to Kittle Falls, but life gave him no other choice. Los Angeles chewed him up, spit him out, and sent him back to square one.
Amara Fowler has lived in the small beach town her entire life. She’s overcome her shyness to grow into the woman she always knew she could be, but she never forgot her secret crush. When the alluring Rafael returns, he can’t help but stir in her a whirlwind of old feelings.
They’ve both changed so much. Has life kept them incompatible or has it molded them into a matching set?


Lake of Sins: Escape

In a world filled with human-animal hybrids, being chosen to breed is the only guarantee of survival. Trinity will not be chosen. She has one week to discover the fate of her kind but she doesn’t expect to be hunted at every turn by predators long thought to be extinct.



Ruby Masters just saw a woman die. And learned about The New Rulebook, which framed her for murder. Now, it’s masterminds pursue her. Will Robert, her best friend and police officer, be able to prove her innocence before time runs out?
A #1 Bestseller in Christian suspense and Mystery.


Filling the Void

Two incomplete individuals who meet in the unlikeliest of circumstances, just to be whole again. Fate sure loves an extravagance.
After the sudden death of her beloved Granda, Candice Davis finds herself unable to play the piano. With her best friend gone and her passion blocked, Candice decides to return to her hometown in Rozenne to volunteer at her favorite place in the world: Greenwich Orphanage. Between Nathan, Jake, and all of the other orphans, Candice believes her life is finally filled with love, but then she meets James.
He’s tall, stubborn, and smells just like her woodworking Granda. He’s also invisible. Literally. And though Candice doesn’t seem to notice she’s the only one who can see him, Candice senses something is off about him—and her life.
Torn between an impending adoption and a terrible accident, Candice has to solve the mystery of James and learn to play the piano again, or she’ll never fill the void of her broken heart.



When Renee discovers that her neighbor, Dr. Dawson, has bags of his dead daughter’s frozen blood stored in his basement, she decides it’s up to her to uncover the doctor’s mysterious past. What she learns, however, is not what she expects. Now she and her friend Sam Miller are on the run, hiding from scientists who want to use what the two teenagers know to change human life forever.


Second Kingdom

He appears to be a myth, or is he?
Their only chance of survival is to kill the Beast King. But what will happen to Roz when she meets the beast face to face? Will she lose her life, or will she be able to set everyone free from the curse?


Discerning Spirits

To fulfill his destiny, he’ll have to uncover hers.
Zeph is half angel, half human, and a total disappointment. As the first double Divisa born in 20 years, everyone expected his supernatural gift to be extraordinary, but instead he didn’t have one at all.
After 17 years of insignificance, Zeph has given up on ever gaining the approval of his family and community, but when Zeph meets Eve, she sees value in him that no else has.
A shy redhead that looks exactly like a Celestia Divisa but is completely unaware of their existence, Eve is an intriguing mystery that Zeph can’t resist trying to unravel.
Together, can they open each other’s eyes to their incredible destiny?


A Wisp of Hope

A famed robber and a little boy who worships him.
Prasanta readily accepts his mother’s task of finding where his father goes at night. But what he discovers is bound to change his life forever.


WOW almost 35 fantastic YA and Clean books this week! I hope you found a lot of new authors to read and love!


**I have not read all of these books, the authors claim that they are YA and Clean.**



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  1. Thank you so much for the incredible number of books–for free! I am on a very limited income and this will give my reading material for weeks! I will say that I’ve started reviewing each book I read on Amazon and Goodreads, so I can thank these authors with a review of their books. I will tell the truth, good or bad, but I doubt it will be bad with most of the blurbs I’ve seen. Oh, this is wonderful! Thanks again!

    1. Thank you Carolynn! I know all of the authors will greatly appreciate your reviews! They are so important to an author and we always appreciate those who review. Even if it isn’t a 5 star. 🙂

  2. Thanks for all the free books! I love instafreebie!!
    Plus I always post reviews on all books I read. Great luck to all you new authors out there!!

  3. WOW, definitely a few books here I can’t wait to read. Reviews will be posted on Amazon as they’ve been read. Thanks for the freebies, it is greatly appreciated by this single income mother of 3.

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