Thriller Mystery on Instafreebie

#Thriller #Mystery on #InstaFreebie!

Thriller Mystery on Instafreebie

#Thriller/#Mystery on #InstaFreebie


In the spirit of Halloween, I am doing a Thriller Mystery on Instafreebie post this week! Most books are #Thriller or #Mystery, but a few are Halloween themed! Be sure to go to the end of the post as there is also a link to another #Instafreebie post for Cozy Mysteries!

Thriller Mystery on Instafreebie

Raining Men and Corpses

First in a Cozy Mystery series my Anne R. Tan.

Thriller Mystery on Instafreebie

Altered Genes

A post-apocalyptic techno thriller

Thriller Mystery on Instafreebie

The Coelho Medallion

Dan Kotler must solve the mystery of an ancient medallion that may prove Vikings lived side-by-side with Native Americans in mainland America—before a terrorist organization uses the Vikings’ secrets to kill millions.

Thriller Mystery on Instafreebie

Hunt Along the Iron River

Taylor Webb is on an expedition in South America searching for a rare tree frog reported by the native hunters to have mystical powers. When tragedy strikes at home, he’s forced to cut the expedition short.
Returning home, Taylor finds himself on another expedition with deadly consequences. He discovers there are just as many dangers in the concrete jungles of Atlanta as in the Amazon.

Thriller Mystery on Instafreebie

Night’s Curse

A young girl wakes up Christmas morning to discover the worst has happened, throwing her into a struggle over who she is and how she will live her life.

Thriller Mystery on Instafreebie

First Blade

She’s a psychic with a bad attitude. He’s an angel/vampire hybrid who fights demons on the side. Put them together and all Hell breaks loose!




Unseen Forces

Maverick archaeologist Dr. Sky Wilder has never been able to prove any of his outside-the-box fringe theories… until now. When he breaks what had been an impenetrable code, he unearths a long-buried Egyptian stone tablet in Arizona’s Red Rock country.
Whoever possesses all three hidden tablets holds the key to locate an ancient alchemical text containing a formula for physical immortality. The bodies pile up as Wilder realizes he’s been set-up as a pawn, caught between opposing covert agencies and secret brotherhoods that have been warring for centuries.
Tasked with keeping Sky Wilder alive at all costs, Captain Diana Hunt, the U.S. military’s most accurate remote viewer – a psychic spy – knows that the players in this deadly game are not what they appear to be. As the trail leads to Asia and with a political assassination looming, Sky and Diana confront powerful forces of Nature and Man as they unravel the conspiracies and expose the true unseen forces behind their opponents – and allies.


By Darkness Revealed

Ryan hoped to escape his magic at the military college of Northshield University, but when darkness rises at Samhain only his power can save everyone he cares about.


Sherlock Holmes: Gallery of Illusions

Sherlock Holmes once more has to resort to a disguise to get to the truth when a very unusual show comes to London. He believes it to be connected to a series of cannibalistic murders, but as he dives deeper into the mysteries of the Gallery of Illusions, he finds himself in a race against time to save hundreds of Londoners from a fate that is horrible and unimaginable to a civilized man.
Claim your copy of Gallery of Illusions now.
A mystery tale with a twist of Halloween scariness to keep you up at night.


Crazy, Sexy, Ghoulish

A haunted house worker must hide her identity from the horror geek she tormented in middle school. But then she starts falling for him.


Since the Sirens

A young boy must get his great-grandmother to safety in the Zombie Apocalypse. They’ll need a miracle to survive the horrors of a dying city.


Heart of the Dead

A girl who sees ghosts must help a group of vampires track down a savage flesh eater.

Fantasy on #Instafreebie

City of Masks

A naive diplomat and his radical servant set out to solve a series of murders and prevent an assassination in a city where appearance is reality.



When a contagious epidemic of gun violence sweeps the world, it results in devastating consequences for a small group of survivors.


Deadly Love

DEADLY LOVE – A Chinatown Haunting Paranormal Thriller
Dark, Dangerous… Sensual
I’m Jasmine Huang, an actress from Beijing. Five years ago, I was murdered while rehearsing for an audition. Everyone thinks it was my ex who killed me, but I’m not positive it was Chris… or maybe I just don’t want to accept it. But I just have to know the truth… even if it kills me again.
Set in Vancouver’s mysterious Chinatown, the Chinatown Haunting supernatural urban fantasy stories are where east and west, the natural and nether worlds, collude and collide. Sex, love, and violence are tightly woven into these books full of unexpected turns.



Masque of Shadow

A grief-stricken young woman seeks to save her sister’s soul from the thief she witnessed taking it. She takes matters into her own hands as she enters the afterlife voluntarily, and makes a dark deal with a demonic lord to get her sister back.


Missing Soul

A psychic investigates a six year old boy’s claim that he was murdered, six years ago, and he has details of the crime.



It’s not often you get a second chance. Too bad it came when Earth is on its last one!
After years of service to NASA, astronaut Jack Kildare loses his job in disgrace. His second chance comes when an anomalous water plume is detected on Europa. Earth’s space agencies mount a gigantic cooperative effort to design and build a manned mission to investigate this suspected alien spacecraft. Jack is determined to make the cut, but he finds himself pitted against ruthless foes who will not balk at murder to ensure that the “Spirit of Destiny” never gets off the ground.
Will Jack be able to put aside his own flaws in time to save the project from disaster? Or will Earth’s last gambit fail?


The Shepherd and The Reaper

Abel wielded the shepherd’s crook, his brother the reaper’s scythe. When Cain’s wrath and jealousy boil over, he ends his brother’s life. When blood cries out from fallow ground, Abel rises again, perplexed. He receives commands from God on high, but what will happen next?
The first psychopomp explores the world as it’s twisted into death and depravity.


Thriller Mystery on Instafreebie

It’s not over folks! If the above isn’t enough to get your hairs standing on end, then try a good Cozy Mystery Promo!


Mystery, Suspense, Thriller extra promo

And I have an author friend, Anne R. Tan, who I call the “Queen of Cozy Mysteries”! She is doing a special #Instafreebie promo right now for Cozy’s. She has let me link to her giveaway so that you all can get a boat load of free mystery/thriller books this week! Thank you, Anne!



I hope you all have enjoyed the great list of Thriller Mystery on Instafreebie books collected here for you!**I have not read most of the books on this week’s blog. All descriptions are from the authors themselves. I just wish I had time to read all of these great books!**



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  1. Thanks for all the wonderful books! I always have a bunch to read. I’ve filled my Kindle up with FREE books from here & other emails I get. There’s no sense paying for books when wonderful sites are giving them away!

  2. Thank u for the free books but they are not me.I prefer more paranormal. Werewolves are my favorite. Mailorder brides,and the billionares.

    1. check back each friday as i do a different genre each week! This friday, is potpourri, which is all genre’s except erotica. I know there are some paranormal books on the list for this week 😉

  3. Thank you for the free books. I love to read,and I love having lots to choose from,like having my own library. Thanks again.

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