Urban Fantasy & Paranormal


This week we are featuring Urban Fantasy & Paranormal for the #FreebieFriday on #InstaFreebie blog! I have a lot of books for you this week! There are 22 books on this list! So grab a cup of coffee and get comfortable! You have a lot of reading to do today and this weekend! Enjoy!

Last week a few readers requested descriptions of the books. I collected as many as I could. Next month, they will all have descriptions.

Urban Fantasy & Paranormal

When your time is up (Short Story)
In this short story, a supernatural creature stalks its prey…

Urban Fantasy & Paranormal
Defender of Mankind

I’m Alexa, Defender of Mankind… Time to prove my namesake correct. I’m going to make humans stronger and faster to fight off vampires… I’m going to make them vampire slayers…
Urban Fantasy & Paranormal
Fantastic Fables of Foster Flat
In one mountain town, tall tales are that much taller… “I’ve seen a lot in my lifetime. You’d think a small mountain town like Foster Flat would be sleepy and boring. Some better adjectives might be strange, surreal, and magical. I’m Mimi Rawlins. Born and raised in Foster Flat, I’ve witnessed more than my share of unbelievable incidents here among the mountains. Fantastic Fables of Foster Flat is a collection of suspenseful fantasy tales written in the spirit of Ray Bradbury and The Twilight Zone.
Urban Fantasy & Paranormal
Dragon’s Redemption
The one male she isn’t supposed to want is the only one she can’t live without. With her brother missing, everything in Lily Cage’s life has turned upside down. Born a Hunter, the last thing she needs is an attraction to Dallas, the scariest dragon in existence. The one known as the Destroyer. With peace between the Hunters and Dragons hanging by a thread, one wrong move from either of them could catapult them all back into the war that has raged for centuries. But with nowhere to turn when everything she loves goes up in flames, Dallas proves nothing will stop him from protecting her. Even if it means going through their own allies. As the friction escalates, they have a choice…stand and fight, or lose everything they never realized they wanted.

Urban Fantasy & Paranormal
Sorceress Awakening
When Lillian finds herself facing off against vampires and other mythological impossibilities, help comes from an unlikely source—the stone gargoyle who has been sleeping in her garden for the last twelve years.

Urban Fantasy & Paranormal
Heartblaze 1 Vampire Soul
In your past life you were a legendary figure in a passionate relationship with a vampire. Now your enemies from that past have found you, determined to make you pay a terrible price for a life you lived more than 200 years ago!
Urban Fantasy & Paranormal
Angel’s Kiss
Not mortal, not vampire … what is she
Sneak Peek
Death Marked (Excl. Sneak Peek)
He wanted to bring his fiance back from the dead. If he’s not careful, he’ll join her.
Urban Fantasy & Paranormal
Death Lies Between Us
Readers’ Crown Award-winning novel for best paranormal romance. Book one in the An Angel Falls series.
The Edge
Laura only wants one thing in life, and it’s the deepest darkest secret of her heart. When a mysterious man emerges from a fire in her backyard, can he be the key to unlocking the secret she guards so close? Or will his own secrets ruin her trust forever?
It’s survival of the fittest, but first you have to fit in. Shae is sure the icy rage that eats away at her is driving away her friends and pulling her closer to the wrong boy. But, as her protected world unravels, she discovers the violent supernatural world that lurks in her quiet hometown and the ancient feuds that threaten to destroy both her friends and her family. To save those she loves, Shae must succumb to her own fury, but at what cost?
The Shadow Children
Everything you know is a lie… Eighteen-year-old Grace is sick of running. For over two thousand years the Angels have hunted the halfborn, determined to maintain the barrier that conceals the magical world from Human eyes. Grace and her foster family have survived capture by living amongst humans, but the noose is tightening as the spell binding their magic begins to fail. When unexpected allies send Grace and her family crashing into the world of The Shadow Children, she finds herself at the epicentre of a battle to save those she loves. But who can she trust when everyone has the face of an angel?
This morning Nilla Hayes woke up with death. She’s not sure whose death it is, but when she finds out her day isn’t going to get a whole lot better. You can’t solve everything with witchcraft. (a Witchlight short)
The Soul’s Agent
The reason humanity is afraid of the dark is because that’s when demons come out to play. The ghosts that fight them can’t come out until the sun goes down, either. And Soul’s Agents, like Navi? They’re just normal, boring people until the moon claims the sky. And then they aren’t. Death allows lost souls one last chance. Fight with the Agents against demons and darkness and evil and they won’t spend eternity roasting on a spit. It seems like an easy enough choice, but apparently roasting is easy and requires little effort, and fighting, well… Fighting is hard.
Sneak Peek
A Touch of Spring
A Paranormal Romance
Life’s a *itch and then you die. And die. And die. And… My name is Mackenzie Adams and I’m good at killing zombies and other nasty creatures. Oh, wait. That’s when I’m playing the latest video game, not real life. My actual life is much more normal. *Bor-ing*. At least it was until I died. That’s right. I went adios, caput. I exited life as we know it. Except… I didn’t. I’m alive and well. When childhood nightmares that have been locked away begin to resurface, I learn that I have a unique ability to cheat death but only if I willingly sacrifice myself to save someone else’s life. As enemies from my past reveal their true nature, my secret is threatened. If word got out, it would make me mucho unpopular.
Burn Artist
A Russian mafia hitmage must combat a counter-extortion plot while dealing with his nemesis: his father.
Eclipse of the Beginning cover
Eclipse of the Beginning
What haunts you more… love… or duty…?
Bound by a secret oath to protect the only hope of fulfillment in an ancient prophecy, Lancer Xaren finds no comfort in knowing his own involvement in the sacred writings. When a new commander arrives in LA, Lancer is forced to play the game of the High Council.
Driven insane by the ghosts of his past, Ash Z’Nial has made a life for himself in the corruption of Sin City. But when he is hand chosen to safeguard an ordinary mortal, Ash can only guess at the story behind the undisclosed assignment.
Shadow Stalker Part 1
I have read this book, and it is an intense paranormal read. It is clean, which I prefer, and you will want to read the next book in the series. It is about a girl with special abilities who didn’t know she had them. But the twist is really crazy and takes her on a journey of self-discovery as well as one to save mankind.
I have also read this book. I must admit to being a bit of a fangirl here, Dean Murray was an author I read before I became a writer. He was one I admired greatly and when I discovered this series I read it non-stop! It is a werewolf shifter romance story for YA. I love that it is clean and part of a fantastic universe that he has created. There are so many books already in this universe, that it will take you weeks to finish! Start here, and then find his website via the link in the back of the book and see which book to read next. There are battles, internal and external, as well as journeys and romances. It starts out in high school and goes much further! Especially once you get to the Dark Reflections series. He has a few spins offs of this series and I hope he isn’t done writing this one! If you love it as much as I do, write to him and let him know you want more Reflections series books! Sorry Dean! I hope you get innundated with requests for more in this series! LOL

And I am sneaking one extra book in here! It is a Sneak Peek of my new book coming out October 20th. This is a Sci-fi Adventure/Romance, while it doesn’t fit with today’s genre, I wanted to share it with you anyway. I hope you don’t mind.

Sci-fi Romance

Worlds Collide (Sneak Peek)

The adventure continues with Natalie and her mate.

Commander Venay’s ship is still on the planet and he is waiting for a new ship to arrive and take them all back to the V’Zenian Empire. The Zateelians still have a presence on the planet near them, and are attacking the humans as they find them.

Can Venay save his slaves and his crew from the Insectoids? Or will they take over before a new ship can come and take them to safety?

Join J.L. Hendricks on her second mission writing a Sci-fi adventure/romance with Alpha Aliens who have abducted humans to be their slaves, or possibly their mates! If you like Ruby Lionsdrake and Lindsay Buroker, then you will love this amalgamation of those two authors and their genres!