Romance #FreebieFriday on #InstaFreebie

Romance #FreebieFriday on #InstaFreebie

Romance #FreebieFriday on #InstaFreebie


This week is all about love! These authors have brought you a wonderful selection of various romance genres! I have done something a bit different this time and I am splitting them up by sub-genre. I realize that not all romance fans read all of the various sub-genre’s so I hope this helps you to pick your favorites! However, I hope you know that you can download every single one of these books if you like! You can also share this list with all of your friends and on social media via the links at the bottom of the page. Enjoy!

But I should warn you, some of these Romances can be a bit steamy! So be prepared for the heat! However, you will not find anything in the erotica genre here.

Contemporary Romance:

Romance #FreebieFriday on #InstaFreebie

Returning for Valentine’s

Romance #FreebieFriday on #InstaFreebie

Taking Chances

Romance #FreebieFriday on #InstaFreebie

The Salty Dog

New Adult Romance:


Fatal Attraction, Vol 1


Fatal Attraction, Vol 2


Star-Crosssed Hurricane

Fantasy/Paranormal Romance:


The Fervor


A Royal Bloodlines Short Story


When Lightning Strikes

Sci-Fi Adventure Romance

Worlds Away
Worlds Away

Time Travel Romance


King Takes Queen

Be sure to come back Friday and check out our Exclusive Sneak Peek at books which are not yet available to read! Only here will you get all of these books in one place where you can read the first few chapters to decide which ones you want to pre-order! This is an exclusive event only on this blog!

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Enjoy reading all of the wonderful books put here just for your reading enjoyment!

Romance #FreebieFriday on #InstaFreebie


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  1. Thank you for the free books! I love getting the chance to read works of new authors and genres that I normally don’t read. It’s a pleasant surprise.

    1. I am sorry but that book isn’t on my page. IF you were on the instafreebie site, and couldn’t find that book please reach out to their support line.

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