Get Your #FreebieFriday on #InstaFreebie Books Today!

That’s a mouthful isn’t it? Today is Friday, so going along with the #FreebieFriday theme, here is a list of Free Books from #InstaFreebie!

I have added book covers and links to #InstaFreebies so you can grab some Free books in the PNR or UF categories you like! There might be one or two that don’t quite fit in those genre’s, but are still great free books to read! So please check them all out and grab any that look good to you!


The first one is from Justin Sloan – Blades of Gresva this is a Falls of Redemption Short Story. Click the link here:


The next one is a YA paranormal adventure with a carnival twist! Song of the Sending from Corrine O’Flynn is book 1 in her Expatriates series. CLink the link here:


Next I have chosen a mystery with a bit of humor. I know, it isn’t my normal read, but this is actually a great one! Think Film Noir with attitude! Renee Pawlish wrote a series that begins with This Doesn’t Happen in the Movies. Click here for the link:


Ready for another #InstaFreebie? Can’t go wrong with a title like: It’s Raining Men and Corpses. This is a cozy mystery by Anne R. Tan. Click the link for your free copy:


OK, how about another one? This one is a bit different but still falls under Paranormal. It is a Necromancer Series! A Matter of Death by Victoria DeLuis. Click for your free copy today!:


Next up, how about a little Zombie Apocolypse? E.E. Isherwood has 5 books in this series so far! Check out the first book in his series, Since the Siren, for Free!


Finally, my book! Eclipse of the Beginning is the prequel to my Eclipse Series which just keep getting bigger and bigger, be on the lookout for more news later. But for now, grab your free copy while you can! It is for sale on Amazon, but free to those who download it now!

If you like getting free books then follow my blog! Check the panel to your right and you will see a spot to add your email address. If you do that you will get notices for other freebies as well as new release blogs! So join today for more free books!


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  1. Thanks. This is so awesome. It’s really nice to be able to get to know new authors and see what others think of there books before spending a fortune. I love to read and this site is great for people like me.

  2. I started reading your blog, pretty interesting stuff. Not sure when I’ll get to the book for a review as I think I’ve downloaded too many free books in various genre’s. Haven’t found a ‘bad’ one yet though but it’s going to cost me a fortune following all the different characters in all the different series 🙂 (LOL) It’s still cheaper than golf

    1. Oh my gosh! I know what you mean! there are sooooo many great books out there on Instafreebie right now! Most of them are first in a series or a prequel. It is tough to keep reading all of the great books! I must admit to some very short nights when i have been caught up in a wonderful world some other author has created! And yes, most definitely cheaper than golf! I used to golf, but it was not something i could afford for long. I hope you have fun reading everything you can! 🙂

      1. Since I got a Kindle for christmas I’ve read a load of books. It’s really convenient for reading in bed but I am guilty of staying up all night, just to ‘see what happens next’ 5:00 am comes round far too quick. I’m British living in Florida so ‘understand’ ‘proper’ English with lorries ,artic’s and WH Smith’s (plus a load of other stuff that American’s don’t know unless they lived in Britain)

  3. Thank you so much. Cant wait to get my nose into all these books ?. I enjoy all the different type of books but my favorite is romance.

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