Scifi/Fantasy .99c Sale March 22-23!

Flash Sale! 99c Scifi/Fantasy! This time we have a very special Science Fiction and Fantasy 99c Sale! Grab them while you can! The sales dates are March 22-23. Some books will be .99c a bit longer, so be sure to check the price before you one click it on Amazon. Also, most are free in […]

99c Scifi and Fantasy Sale!

99c scifi and fantasy

99c Scifi and Fantasy Sale!   Did you get a new eReader this Christmas? Have some Amazon, Kobo, or Barnes & Noble Gift cards? What about iTunes gift cards? With this sale there are books on multiple sites listed for just .99c each! It doesn’t get much better than that! You can choose the retailer you […]

FREE on Amazon! – Worlds Away plus more books!

FREE on Amazon! My friends and I have put together a Freebie Tuesday just for you! If you want FREE on Amazon, then this is the place for you! These are only free for a limited time. I have Worlds Away, my bestselling Scifi Adventure/Romance book! It’s Free on Amazon through December 14th. Worlds Away […]