Scifi/Fantasy .99c Sale March 22-23!

Flash Sale! 99c Scifi/Fantasy! This time we have a very special Science Fiction and Fantasy 99c Sale! Grab them while you can! The sales dates are March 22-23. Some books will be .99c a bit longer, so be sure to check the price before you one click it on Amazon. Also, most are free in […]

99c Scifi and Fantasy Sale!

99c scifi and fantasy

99c Scifi and Fantasy Sale!   Did you get a new eReader this Christmas? Have some Amazon, Kobo, or Barnes & Noble Gift cards? What about iTunes gift cards? With this sale there are books on multiple¬†sites listed for just .99c each! It doesn’t get much better than that! You can choose the retailer you […]

FREE on Amazon! – Worlds Away plus more books!

FREE on Amazon! My friends and I have put together a Freebie Tuesday just for you! If you want FREE on Amazon, then this is the place for you! These are only free for a limited time. I have Worlds Away, my bestselling Scifi Adventure/Romance book! It’s Free on Amazon through December 14th. Worlds Away […]