FREE on Amazon! – Worlds Away plus more books!

FREE on Amazon!

My friends and I have put together a Freebie Tuesday just for you! If you want FREE on Amazon, then this is the place for you! These are only free for a limited time.

I have Worlds Away, my bestselling Scifi Adventure/Romance book! It’s Free on Amazon through December 14th.

Free on Amazon

Worlds Away

Slavery, or mate to an Alien Commander? Which would you choose?

Paris had lost her parents at a young age and instead of going into the foster system, she ended up on the streets. Sure, life was tough for a 17-year-old girl with no one to turn to, but she made her way on the streets of Los Angeles for years. That is, until one day when she was no longer on the streets.

Commander Venay of the V’Zenian Empire was a man on a mission. It was his responsibility to ensure a good lot of human slaves made it back to his planet each year. But this time it was different, he saw her across a field and knew he had to have her, at all costs.

The choice was simple, Paris could be a slave on the V’Zenian home world, or she could become Venay’s mate and provide him with the offspring his people so desperately needed! Until the V’Zenian’s most venomous rival, the Zateelians, attacked Venay’s ship and forced them to crash land on a distant planet. Paris had a new choice to make: save herself or help Venay exterminate aliens who have a sinister plan for the humans.

Come and join J.L. Hendricks on her next voyage! Worlds Away is the first in a Sci-Fi Romantic/Adventure trilogy where aliens abduct women for more than just slavery, they abduct them to continue their own race! If you like Ruby Lionsdrake, then you will love Worlds Away! This is a mostly clean romance with an HEA in each book. If it were a movie, it would be PG-13.

Worlds Away is FREE on Amazon through Wednesday, December 14, 2016. Then it goes back to its regular price of .99c


Next up is Death Marked by Justin Sloan and Michael La Ronn

Free on Amazon

Death Marked

Everything you thought you knew about necromancy and the occult was dead wrong.

All Rohan wanted was a bit of closure and maybe, if what he’s been told was right, the chance to bring his fiancé back from the dead.

He certainly never signed on to help a madman breach the gates of hell to retrieve his own dead wife.

Now, running for his life with powers he doesn’t understand, Rohan must figure out how to stop the madman from destroying everything and unleashing evil upon us. All he has on his side is a Kahin monk to train him, and a ghost to guide him. Will that be enough, or will he risk everything just to lose in the end?

They say those marked for death can’t escape her grasp, but even when Rohan has been “Death Marked,” anything is possible.

Death Marked is FREE on Amazon through December 14th, 2016. Get your copy before it goes back up to .99c.


And now we have May Sage’s Not Quite the Fairy Tale boxed set!

Free on Amazon

Not Quite the Fairy Tale

Step into a realm where fairies only help out when they are bored to tears or obliged to do so.

Instead of Prince Charming, meet a bunch of sexy alpha males.
Cinderella doesn’t want anything to do with her King, and her biggest aspiration is suing the shit out of her step mother when she can afford to do so.
Erik isn’t all that fond of the mermaid with red hair, but he definitely fancies the sea witch.
While the Beast is something of a recluse, he sees plenty of action in his casino-slash-sexclub…
And Kai’s more interested in the mysterious girl who seem to control his frozen wasteland than in Gerda.

This bundle includes a lot of your favorite characters, only everyone is all grown up, and definitely sassier. What’s more? All of them are standalone novels – not short stories, no cliffhanger.

Be sure to grab your FREE copy on Amazon before the 14th at midnight! The set will turn back into a pumpkin, I mean its regular price of $5.99.

I’m not done yet with the free books! Keep going!


Now it’s Heart of Gold by J.A. Cipriano and J.B. Garner

Free on amazon

Heart of Gold

My name is Frank Butcher, and when I got out of my truck to deliver the last package of the day, I never expected to get blown up by anti-magic zealots.

Yeah, you heard me right. I said magic. I didn’t know it was a thing either.

Now, an ancient artifact is the only thing keeping me alive, and to make matters worse, that artifact is what those cultists wanted.

Still, I could have made a run for it, disappeared down into South America and spent the rest of my life on a beach. I nearly did it, but I didn’t.

Why? Because the cultists have offered me a trade. Come to them or they start killing kids.

This book is only FREE on December 13th! So be sure to get your copy today! Otherwise it will be back up to $2.99

And then we have Awoken, by Sarah Noffke


“One of Ten Self-Published Young Adult Novels That Need To Be On Your Radar.” – Bustle

Around the world humans are hallucinating after sleepless nights.

In a sterile, underground institute the forecasters keep reporting the same events.

And in the backwoods of Texas, a sixteen-year-old girl is about to be caught up in a fierce, ethereal battle.

Meet Roya Stark. She drowns every night in her dreams, spends her hours reading classic literature to avoid her family’s ridicule, and is prone to premonitions—which are becoming more frequent. And now her dreams are filled with strangers offering to reveal what she has always wanted to know: Who is she? That’s the question that haunts her, and she’s about to find out. But will Roya live to regret learning the truth?

Get your copy on December 13th only! Then it goes back to .99c.

Next up, is Netherworld, The Chronicles of KOA by K.N. Lee



Angels protect us from the escaped creatures of the Netherworld.
Demons seek to destroy the balance and treaty between vampires and humans.
One half-blood vampire is torn between the two worlds

Introducing Koa Ryeo-won, a half-blood vampire with an enchanted sword and a membership to the most elite vampire castle in Europe.

A vengeful demon threatens everything Koa has worked hard to protect. Not even Halston and his legendary infinity gun can stop him, but Koa’s mother might be strong enough to do it–if only her curse can be broken.

There is one vampire of ancient royal blood who can help.

If only he wasn’t locked away in a faraway parallel universe.

First stop, the Ivory Tower, where only the most notorious supernatural criminals are kept. A prison heist, new foes and friends, and a grand wizard await.

Koa must prepare herself to return to the place that nearly killed her. The Netherworld.

Watch out! This book is only FREE on Amazon for one day, Dec 13th! So get it while you can.


Our last book is Their Solitary Way by J. N. Chaney

Their Solitary Way

Adam Kadman is the captain of a seed ship known as the Eden.

Carrying ten thousand cryogenically frozen colonists, he and his crew must seek out new worlds for potential habitation. With the help of Lilith, a shipboard cyberbrain, Adam and his team will stop at nothing to secure humanity’s future.

But time is running out. The Eden is breaking down, and accidents are beginning to occur at an alarming rate. At first, Adam believes these to be mere coincidences, but when a massive explosion kills several dozen people, he puts Seth, the lead Security officer and Adam’s own son, in charge of an investigation to uncover the truth, but with so little evidence to go on, how can they hope to succeed? The clock is ticking…

Our last book is also FREE on Amazon for only one day, December 13th. So get it while its hot!


I hope you grabbed a copy of ALL 7 BOOKS! They are FREE after all. 🙂

We would all appreciate reviews if you are so inclined after reading each book, or the ones you feel the most passionate about.

If you don’t have a Kindle device to read your new FREE books, then scroll down and grab another freebie, the Kindle App. It works on computers, tablets, and smartphones!

Be sure to come back to my blog later this week to see a special Christmas Book promotion!

If you love Christmas books, you won’t want to miss this one!


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