The FBI Dragon Chronicles Book 2 is now live!

A Ritual of Death


The much anticipated second book in The FBI Dragon Chronicles is here! A Ritual of Death takes place only a couple of weeks after A Ritual of Fire! Alyson and Vlad are getting closer to each other as well as closer to finding out who’s trying to bring hell on Earth.

When Dmitry, Vlad’s old boss, sends him a personal invitation to visit him in Moscow, he can’t turn it down. Alyson insists on joining him and they fly off to find out what Dmitry is up to. We meet several new interesting characters along the way and Alyson learns a little bit more about her heritage, she just might not be the last dragon shifter alive after all!

A Ritual of Death

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When Alyson, top-flight FBI agent and the world’s last dragon shifter, and her vampire partner Vlad saved the world last month, they thought that would be the last apocalypse they would ever have to deal with.

But not only did Alyson find out that she isn’t the last dragon in the world, but a fresh ritualistic murder sends the pair on a death-defying investigation overseas to Russia, and right into Vlad’s dark past.

With enemies on all sides and no support from the FBI, Alyson and Vlad need to crack the case before not only are they taken out, but the entire race of vampires is wiped from the planet!

Check out this snippet from A Ritual of Death, book 2 in The FBI Dragon Chronicles:

“Alyson, behind you!” Vlad screamed right as I sensed something coming up behind me. I whirled around with my FBI issued Glock and prepared to shoot at whatever it was.

One look at the perp coming at me and I knew my gun wouldn’t be enough. His extended fangs were a dead giveaway as to what he was, a vampire, as well as his intentions, to tear my throat out with those fangs. I shot anyway just to slow the vampire down. When my bullet hit his chest, he stumbled for a second, but he bounced back way too fast. At best, I was going to have a couple of extra seconds, so I dropped my gun and reached for my belt with my preternatural speed.

I pulled out my ten-inch Becker BK-29 Moses Ka-Bar knife, something that certainly wasn’t FBI issue. This beauty of a blade was a special gift from a witch friend, Stella. She just happened to be the daughter of the leader of the local coven and a very close, personal friend of Vlad’s. When we saved her, and her mother, a few weeks ago from the coming apocalypse, she gifted me with the magical blade.

There wasn’t time to get into a proper knife-fighting stance. As I pulled the blade from my belt, I opted instead for a straight slash across the chest of my attacker. He must have thought it was just a normal blade and wouldn’t do much damage because he didn’t bother to defend himself. His eyes widened in shock after a silver arc of magic blew through him.

Thank you, Stella! I was going to have to send her a thank you note after this was over.

The attacking vampire stumbled back, looking back and forth between me and his chest. He snarled and pulled a gun from the back of his pants.

I almost shifted to my dragon form, but there were still two strangers in the room, and if they saw me shift to a dragon, my secret identity would be out. Just a few weeks ago, someone who knew my secret tried to capture me and use my extremely rare dragon blood to bring about the end of the world. I was pretty sure anyone who found out and not already on my side was now dead, but I couldn’t be sure. I didn’t need anyone else knowing who I really was.

My mind raced a million miles a second while trying to figure a way out of this before he shot me. I considered trying to outrun his aim and then I realized something.

The vampire wasn’t aiming his weapon at me, but at something behind me.

Curious about who the weapon was aimed at? Pick up your copy of A Ritual of Death today!

And if you haven’t started the series yet, now’s the perfect time to grab your copy of A Ritual of Fire, book 1 in the FBI Dragon Chronicles! Also, available In Kindle Unlimited

FBI Dragon Chronicles

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  1. OMG! Amazon had a major glitch today and they took down both books in this series! I’m working hard to get them back up. As soon as I do I will send out another post. So sorry! I can’t control the zon, I wish I could! LOL

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