Book 2 in the bestselling Santa Shifter series!

Miss Claus Under The Mistletoe!


Miss Claus is waiting for you to meet her. She’s not what you would expect from the 2nd daughter of Santa Claus. Amanda Claus, or Mandy as she prefers, is an Arctic Wolf Shifter who went away to college. As she prepares to go home to the North Pole, she’s attacked in a darkened alley and before the man can be dealt with, he’s whisked away. As more truths of her world are revealed, she discovers an ancient secret which she kicks against.

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Miss Claus Under The Mistletoe

“Who. The. Heck. Are. You?” I asked as I flipped an attacker over my shoulder after he pulled me into the alley we were in. He grabbed me from behind and covered my mouth with his hand.

He grunted but did not answer me.

It was fall in Seattle and I was heading back to my apartment after going out for dinner with some friends.

The stranger in faded blue jeans, a gray hoodie, and black beanie continued his attempts to hit me. Too bad for him, I just happened to be one of the most highly trained girls in Seattle. My entire life I was trained in various forms of martial arts, including Jiu Jitsu and Kick Boxing.

He had no clue who he was messing with.

“You won’t get my purse, or whatever it is you’re after, so you should just give up now before I hurt you.” I had been holding back, he didn’t know it, yet.

“Never.” He said through clenched teeth. His stormy grey eyes locked on my face.

“Alright, don’t say I didn’t warn you.” I countered when I blocked a punch aimed for my nose.

My roundhouse kick was known to knock out a few of the male wolves from my pack. I wondered how it would affect a human. Although, he was strong and resilient, his smell was not quite human. He didn’t smell like a wolf shifter, he was something…different.

When my foot hit his head halfway through my roundhouse, he dropped to the ground in a puddle. At least he wasn’t strong enough to beat my best move. The guy wasn’t moving but I needed to get him tied up, and fast.

The alley we were in had trash and empty boxes strewn about. The smell of garbage and decay was fairly strong. My nose burned at the intense putrid stench.

Ignoring the offending odors, I looked for some rope to tie the guy up with before he came to. He should be out for at least five minutes.

He was only out for a minute, maybe less, and he got back up and stalked toward me. I sensed him more than heard him. The guy was putting off an air of fury and I knew he had been holding back as well when he pulled me by my shirt collar and threw me against the wall.

“Listen up, girl! You are coming with me, either nicely or by force.” His hands fisted at his side as he came closer to me.

There was no way I was going to let some punk beat me up and kidnap me from an alley. I was the daughter of a Santa Claus for Pete’s sake! Most males couldn’t stand up to me.

“Sorry, but no one takes me against my will.” I mentally threw off my gloves and stood in a fighting stance with my feet shoulder width apart and put my fists up, ready to fight like I have never fought before. There would be no mercy for this rat!

I was prepared to fight to the death if need be.

I fight better in my Arctic Wolf form, and it would really scare the guy, but, we had a hard and fast rule: no shifting anywhere near humans. Even though this guy wasn’t fully human, he may not know about shifters. I couldn’t break the rules. This fight would take longer, but I still would kick his butt to kingdom come.


Miss Claus Under The Mistletoe launches officially on December 7, but for those who pre-order it, Amazon usually delivers the night before, so grab it before it’s live and be one of the first to learn the secrets of Santa’s family! The series is also FREE in Kindle Unlimited!


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