A Ritual of Fire!


A ritual of Fire  When Alyson Andrews was recruited to the FBI, she knew there was one reason.

Because she’s a dragon. The only dragon.

But when her latest investigation turns up not only foul play, but sacrificial rights, she’ll find herself racing to stop a murderer intent on sacrificing her friends.

Worse, if she doesn’t stop it in time, the gates of Hell will reopen and demons will walk the Earth.


5 Stars! A great story! Full of mystery, action and a spark of romance between the main characters. JL Hendricks gets better and better, and she was super to start with!! Looking forward to many more collaborations with JA Cipriano. They are magic together! – Marianne

5 Stars! A flaming good read! – Katdragon2010



My latest project is a co-written urban fantasy with J.A. Cipriano! This book pairs the last known dragon shifter with a 200-year-old vampire. They are partners with a special unit of the FBI. Their paranormal division is buried so deep, less than a dozen people outside of the division know it even exits!

Join Alyson and Vlad as they journey through Southern California to save not only the paranormals who have been targeted but the entire human race!

For a very short time, A Ritual of Fire is on sale for only 99c! Grab your copy today before the price goes up! Or, it’s FREE with Kindle Unlimited.

A Ritual of Fire


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