September 99c Sale!

The holiday weekend has passed, kids are back in school, now is the time for catching up on reading your favorite authors! Sept 7-8 is the actual sale, but most books are already .99c! A lot are even FREE in Kindle Unlimited! Don’t have Kindle Unlimited? Try it for free, see the side bar for a link. This month the September 99c Sale is from multiple authors and over 50 titles from most of the genres! Check it out and see what inspires your imagination or takes you away! Perfect reading for the beach or pool side!

Urban Fantasy:

September 99c sale

YA Fantasy (Urban Fantasy, Fairytales, Epic Fantasy):

Fairytale Retelling:

Science Fiction:

Adventure Romance:


Sci-fi Romance:

Cozy Mystery:

Horror, Thriller, Suspense, Mystery:

Paranormal Romance:


Christian Non-Fiction:

Christian Romance:

Romance (Comedy, Historical, Western):

Contemporary Romance:

All of the above books should be .99c Sept 7-8. Most are always FREE on Kindle Unlimited. Outside of the 7-8 some will still be .99c. Please bear with us as sometimes mistakes happen and pricing may not change on time. I will try to catch any not .99c during 7-8th and take them down.

As a bonus, here’s a link to a slew of books which are FREE on Instafreebie!



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