Hurricane of Magic Snippet #1

Hurricane of Magic Snippet #1!

The Voodoo Dolls

The hurricane arrives June 1st! Don’t miss this incredible book and all of the action which goes along with it! The Voodoo Dolls are back and the vampires are ticked off! To get you excited about the launch, here’s a snippet!

The Voodoo Dolls, Book 2:

“Oomph!” I landed on my butt – hard! This fighting wasn’t getting any easier. In fact, it was getting tougher.

“Dude, you better not mess up my pants! They’re brand new.” I hated it when vampires attacked for no good reason.

“Doll, I wouldn’t worry about your pants if I were you.” The vampire who threw me to the ground was coming back to get me again, but I was ready this time.

With a roundhouse kick Rico taught me, I got the guy in the gut. His eyes narrowed, and he actually seemed shocked I was able to get in a good kick. These past six months have done wonders for my fighting ability. Well, to be honest, it was non-existent before Rico and his pack took me and my sisters under their wing.

The vamp backed up a few steps to get out of the reach of my legs. Next thing I knew, the blood-sucker was behind me and had his arm around my neck. Grabbing his arm, I bent at my waist and tossed him over my shoulder. Again, he seemed stunned I was fighting back.

“Grrr, I’m done playing with you. You are going to submit to me – tonight!” He licked his lips and focused on the throbbing vein in my neck.

I’ll be honest; it was tiring fighting him. My skills were improving daily, but fighting an actual vampire, when I knew my life was on the line, was very different from sparring with the wolf-shifters who happened to be my friends.

It was time for the big guns.

Pulling out the wooden stake from inside my jacket, I got into my fighting stance. Feet spread shoulder width apart, knees bent, and fists out in front of my chest. One hand gripped the stake and was ready to strike the second this blood-sucker was close enough.

“Okay, Buffy. You got me. I surrender.” The vampire was very sarcastic. He must have been a newer vamp if he knew that pop-culture reference.

“Funny, I don’t take you for the Spike kinda guy. You seem like the kinda guy who gets spiked.” I smirked.

“If I remember correctly, Spike and Buffy got it on more times than anyone can count. I’m up for the same relationship, if you think you can handle me.” His smile disgusted me.

This guy was nothing like Spike. Real vampires weren’t like what we watched on TV either. They were more evil and more interested in having humans be their daily blood supply than friends.

“Not in this life creep.” I moved closer to him. The sooner I killed him, the better. He gave me the creeps.

His wicked smile was enough to gag on. “Hmm, sounds like you’re ready for the next life. Good. Let’s get this going. I’m hungry, and your blood is calling to me.”

“Shut up and make your move, fangboy. I’m ready to get home and take a nice, long, hot bath. Your stink is all over me.” I blinked, and he was next to me.

Spinning around, I slammed the steak into his chest but missed his heart. Grunting I said, “This is harder than Buffy made it look.”

The vampire laughed and pulled the stake out of his chest. Throwing it far away, he moved behind me. Grabbing my hair, he pulled back my head to give him access to my neck. I could hear him smack his lips before he bit down.

“Ahhh!” I screamed when his fangs broke the skin. As the pain made its way through my head, I realized I needed to do something and fast.


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The Voodoo Dolls



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