Worlds Collide on SALE for only 99c! Limited Time!

Worlds Collide on SALE!

Have you wanted to read my Sci-fi Adventure/Romance series? Waiting to see when Worlds Collide, book 2, goes on Sale? Here it is! Worlds Collide on SALE for only .99c!!! Get it now before the price goes back up June 2nd!

Worlds Collide on SALE

Can a human and a V’Zenian work together long enough to fight their mutual enemy?

Natalie is on a journey to realize that maybe being abducted wasn’t so bad after all. Before she can learn that, she will realize what her old fiancé was really like, and how her new life might be just what she wanted all along. And maybe she can even find a way to help the human slaves aboard her ship.

Zelan wanted to settle down, but as a pure-blood, he realized his chances of love with a human, or anyone, were very low. He is very patient with Natalie, and shows her the love and attention every woman deserves. Will he win her heart?

The Zateelians (Insectoids) are on the planet and searching for humans! Early on in this book you will find out why. But don’t fret! Our super strong and hunky aliens have it all under control, or do they?

In fact, the first 3 (out of 5) books in this series are only .99c each! Here is the suggested reading order:

Worlds Away, Book 1:

Worlds Collide on SALE

Worlds Collide, Book 2:

Worlds Collide on SALE

Worlds Explode, Book 2.5:

Worlds Collide on SALE

Worlds Entwined, Book 3:

Worlds Collide on SALE

Worlds Revealed, Prequel (can be read at any time), Inside of The Expanding Universe only until June 15th!

ALL books in this series are currently available for FREE on Kindle Unlimited!

This entire series, so far, follows the adventures, and love, of 200 humans abducted from Earth by V’Zenian Commander Venay and his crew. The V’Zenians have been visiting Earth for over 200 years and no one even knows it! They take one ship full of humans a year. These humans are given a choice, Slave to the V’Zenian race back on Zeleron Prime, or Mate to a V’Zenian.

While on their way back to the alien’s homeworld, a third race attacks! The Zateelians are an insectoid race who squash humans. They are not in the least bit compatible with us. Even though the Zateelians and V’Zenians have a shaky truce, the insectoids have invaded V’Zenian space and attack! Commander Venay, along with the entire ship, crash land on an outpost run by the V’Zenians. What happens next will excite, as well as, get your heart pumping!

Join along as our crew and passengers must work together to thwart an even bigger threat than being abducted by the V’Zenians.

While there is an HEA in each book, this is a series and the overarching story will span many books. Each book does have a plot of its own to be settled in addition to moving the series along. You will see epic space battles as well as unbelievable battles on alien planets, and possibly Earth! So don’t miss out on this fantastic chance to own your copies of all of these books at such a low price! It won’t be offered this low again, seriously. I only put Worlds Collide at .99c because it was accepted for a BookBub deal!




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