6 FREE Books On Amazon!


I have brought together a total of 6 fantastic authors who want to give you a taste of their work for free! These 6 books are completely free and available for a limited time on Amazon! April 11-12th the following books are free! Download them all!

6 FREE Books On Amazon!

Happy Early Easter!

The Destroyer, Book 1 by Michael-Scott Earle:

Epic fantasy and mythology

Is he really their Savior or their Destroyer?

The Land Founding, Book 1 by Aleron Kong:

LitRPG and Cyberpunk

What would YOU do if you were transported into your favorite video game?

The Catalyst, Book 1 by CM Raymond & LE Barbant:

Superhero and Urban Fantasy

How far would you go to save the city you love?

Retribution Calls, Book 2 by Justin Sloan:

Epic Fantasy and Military

Narcel betrayed his military family to be with the love of his life.

Worlds Away, Book 1 by J.L. Hendricks:

Science Fiction Adventure and Romance

Slavery, or mate to an Alien Commander? Which would you choose?

Till Dawn Do Us Part, Book 1 by May Sage:

Fantasy and Genetic Engineering

The woman for whom he would destroy the world!


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