Potpourri For Only .99c


Multi-Genre Book Specials! All books are only .99c from Feb 23 – 25! Some may be specially priced longer, so if you are looking at this outside of those dates, keep looking! Just be careful to double check the prices on Amazon before 1 clicking. Sooooo many genres to chose from! All sub-genres of Fantasy, Science Fiction, Paranormal, Romance, YA, even some litRPG is here! So check it all out!

If you scroll to the bottom, you will see a plethora of .99c boxed sets and Anthologies! Some will only be .99c while on presale, so get them before they go up in price!


Science Fiction/litRPG/Military:

multi-genre book specials
multi-genre book specials
multi-genre books specials
multi-genre book specials

Scifi Romance:

99c romance sale

Science Fiction:

Urban Fantasy:

multi-genre book specials

Young Adult:






Women’s Fiction/Sweet Contemporary/Christian Romance:



multi-genre book specials

Boxed sets/Anthologies: