Justice Is Calling! Who’s up for a vampire heroine?

Justice is Calling

Today a fantastic book was released, Justice is Calling. Justin Sloan and Michael Anderle teamed up to bring you an unbelievable new series that is set within the Kurtherian Gambit series. Micheal Anderle is the author who brought you Bethany-Anne Reynolds in Death Becomes Her. That series is up to 15 books now! There are currently two accompaniment series within the same universe. There is the Boris Chronicles by Paul C. Middleton and Micheal Anderle, and now the Reclaiming Honor Series. Justice is Calling is book 1 in this new series.

If you are wondering if you have to read all of the other books first, the answer is no. However, after reading this book you will want to start with the first book in the Kurtherian Gambit Series! It is Death Becomes Her.

Right about now you are probably saying, “Yea this is sounds good and all, but what is the book about?” Well, I will give you a little bit of a preview:

Justice is Calling

Justice is Calling – Book 1

Somewhere Across the Atlantic

Diego snuck through the large, open cargo bay of the anti-grav blimp, his nose tingling, his eyes darting back and forth in the shadows. He hadn’t been sure what had upset his senses when the ship first set off. The scent of goods, en route to supply the few remaining city-states in North America, had been strong enough to negate his normally sharp Were senses.

But now that they were floating out over the open seas, he was sure of it. He could smell fish, salt, and… vampire.

The streets of Spain had taught him how to stay out of trouble. Groups of Weres claimed different territories of Old Madrid, with the wolves on one side and a splinter group of the Sacred Clan–Were cats–on another.

But he was a runt, which meant none had accepted him. Small when transformed and not much taller than five-six as a man, he’d been laughed out of dens when he tried to pitch himself to the various packs.

No Alpha wanted him as a liability.

He had tried to tell them that he had his own unique skills. Speed. A brain that worked twice as fast as most others, and the ability to sneak.

“So go join the Sacred Clan, kitten,” one of the henchmen had told him, right before Diego put a blade in the Were’s throat.

Sticking around after that discussion hadn’t been an option. Asia had too many risks, with the legends of Yuko and Akio, vampires nobody wanted to mess with. He couldn’t go there. Staying in Europe meant the packs would be after him if he tried to hide out in Spain or Portugal, and anywhere else risked more vampires. Forsaken or not, he’d heard what they did to stray dogs and cats. He had no desire to find out for himself if those rumors were true.

But right now, his dreams of making it west looked like a long shot. For all he knew, this vampire was here to kill him, paid off by the Were who he’d nearly killed—and would have, if the blade had been silver. Even if the vampire didn’t know anything about him, it was likely to throw him overboard simply to avoid complications.

Diego paused by one of several round, thick glass windows and watched the setting sun as it grew close to the horizon.

If the vampire had traveled during the day, that meant… No, that couldn’t have happened. Only the old vampires of legend, from the days before the fall of the world, could walk in the sun. And even that could be fiction as much as fact. Diego, for his part, believed it was simply the stories vampires told to scare other members of the UnknownWorld.

“Where are you?” he hissed, stepping away from the window and trying to make sense of it. But only one conclusion came to mind. The vampire had help. Whether that meant in the form of humans or something else, he couldn’t be sure.

He’d have to proceed with caution.

And here in the shadows of the ship, it did not matter that the sun shone brightly outside.

Mierda, he thought, as a puff of breath touched his neck. He froze, waiting for the fangs, but none came.

Instead, he heard a woman’s voice. “You were looking for me, and now you’ve found me.”

She hadn’t attacked, and that was her mistake. His claws extended as he spun on her—only to be thrown aside as a second person, or vampire more likely, based on how fast they moved, sent him flying.


So, does this sound like something you might like? It is a post-apocalyptic Earth that has been “invaded” by aliens who genetically modified humans to be vampires and shifters of various sorts, and then left the planet to it’s own devices! Come and read as a new bread of hero arises from the ashes of Earth to try and save Her from Herself.

You can grab a copy of Justice is Calling on Amazon. Or, if you have Kindle Unlimited, you can read it for FREE! If you don’t have Kindle Unlimited, keep going to get a link to a free trial subscription. Trust me when I say that you will want to at least give it a try! Once you read Justice is Calling, you will want to read all of the Kurtherian Gambit books! And they are ALL on Kindle Unlimited.

Amazon link for Justice is Calling – http://amzn.to/2hcCcaB

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