Christmas is Around the Corner, and so is My New Book!

Miss Claus

Miss Claus and the Secret Santa

Have you started thinking about all of the wonderful Christmas books you want to read this year? Then you should consider Miss Claus and the Secret Santa!

In this new universe I have created, Santa and his family are Arctic Wolves! That’s right! Santa is a wolf shifter! That is just one way that he is protected from the prying eyes of humanity. Santa is real, my new book proves it!

Miss Claus

Miss Claus and the Secret Santa

The mantle of Santa Claus passes from father to son, has for centuries. For the first time, Santa didn’t have any boys! He had 4 girls instead! It is up to his eldest, Elizabeth or Lizzie, to marry the second most powerful wolf (Rock) in order to protect the role of Santa from the packs who seek to destroy Christmas. But she isn’t in love with Rock.

With some strange sensation guiding her, she takes off to Los Angeles in search of something, or someone, she doesn’t know exists.

Will Miss Claus find her Secret Santa? Or will she be forced to marry Rock in order to protect Christmas? Come and join me on this fun adventure and romance as Lizzie learns about herself and about what that guiding force was that brought her to LA to begin with.


Miss Claus and the Secret Santa is Book 1 in a series that will have a new book out each Christmas, as long as readers enjoy the books. This book will launch November 30, but is available for pre-order now at the sale price of .99c. Get yours on order before the price goes up!


Keep an eye our next week for news regarding my Prequel to this story. Santa Meets Mrs. Claus is the story of how Lizzie’s parents met and married! I will be offering it on Instafreebie and will be part of the YA & Clean #Instafreebie promotion next week! Subscribe to my blog to get the list sent directly to your inbox! Or else come back here on November 8th and look for the new #Instafreebie blog post!

Miss Christmas


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