Worlds Collide Snippet 3

Worlds Collide Launched into orbit!

Worlds Collide Launched Into Orbit Today!


October 20, 2016 is the day that Worlds Collide Launched! I am so excited to see book #2 in my Alpha Alien Abduction Tales out for everyone to read! And in case you were wondering, it is a mostly clean read! I would say it’s PG-13 if it were a movie.

This book will be .99c for 4 more days, then it goes up 2.99 on Monday. So get your copy at Amazon while you can!

Worlds Collide picks up where Worlds Away left off, crashed on Zeleron 10. But this story is mostly about Natalie and finding her Happily Ever After (HEA), even though she still wants to go home to her abusive ex-fiance. However, the kindness of one alien shows her what Ben, her ex, is really like, and what a real man should be, even if he is an alien.  I have provided some fun snippets so far, but now I want to show you a little bit of action, alien style.

Worlds Collide Snippet 3

Worlds Collide

Battle against the bugs:

Telan spoke up, “Alright, we have a long way to go, and this seriously slowed us down. We might have to find a place and hunker down for the night. Since we are closer to the old ship, let’s head that way.”

“I agree. The Commander needs to be notified, but I can do that while we walk,” Zelan announced as he started for the ship.

“Wait, are we gonna stop looking for more humans?” I thought the main reason for this expedition was to look for survivors.

“For this trip, yes. If we stay the night in the damaged ship, we could look on our way back tomorrow. However, we will have some heavy equipment with us. It might be better to come out on a different day and just spend the time looking for anyone else.” Zelan put his hand on my back, and we walked forward.

I used to hate it when Ben would put his hand on my back. He would put it between my shoulder blades and push. It was more like a shove, to get me to go where he wanted me. But, when Zelan did it, he put his hand in the small of my back and stepped closer to me. It was almost like a hug instead of a push. I never realized that it could feel nice to have a man’s hand on my back.

It must have taken us at least an hour of hiking through the jungle to get to our old ship. Strange how I now associated what was once a prison as “our old ship.” Did that mean I was accepting my fate?

“Lucy, how do you feel about the old ship versus the new ship?” I asked as we pushed aside some vines in our path, which were hanging from what appeared to be a banyan tree.

“What do you mean?” she asked as she threw one vine behind her and almost hit Rachelle with it. I looked back when I heard Rachelle squawk, and I almost laughed. The vine must have had some mud on it as there were splashes of it on her face.

I turned my head forward and had to put my hand over my mouth to cover my smile. It wasn’t nice of me to laugh at Rachelle’s situation, but I just couldn’t help myself. Even though I was twenty-four, I still hadn’t outgrown some of the high school silliness.

“Do you think back to the old ship fondly? Or is the new ship better? I guess I am asking because I was just thinking about our situation and caught myself calling it ‘our ship’. How weird is that?” I shook my head as I stepped over some rocks.

“Huh, I guess I haven’t really thought of it that way yet. Although, now that you mention it, I do miss the easiness of the last few days before the move to our new cells. Not that living in constant threat of bugs attacking is easy. More like, the freedom we had to move around our part of the ship. Maybe it was just that we weren’t inside of cells anymore.” She sighed and shook her head as she walked around the trunk of a banyan tree.

I followed her around, “Yea, maybe that was…” I stopped abruptly as Zelan pulled me down to the ground. Then I heard phaser fire.

“Zelan, what’s going on?” I whispered to him.

“I hear the insectoids ahead. They have fired at our forward team. Can you use a Taser?” My eyes widened with horror.

“I…I have never used a gun of any sort. Not even a toy gun.” I had always played with Barbie’s and dolls. Growing up I played with girls, none of whom ever wanted to touch boy toys. I guess you could call me a girly-girl when I was a kid. Kinda wish I would have learned how to hold a weapon at the very least. There was never a need to.

He scooted off me and pulled me behind the banyan tree we had just walked around. “Take this, you point it at your target and shoot. You will need to hold the trigger while you are shocking the enemy. But be careful, you only get one shot with this.”

“When we get out of this, will you teach me how to use a phaser gun?” I was not going to be stuck with just a one-time-use, temporary weapon again.

“Yes, I think several of you will need to learn how to defend yourselves. Normally, we don’t arm the slaves, but some of you are going to become mates. We need to make sure you can take care of yourselves. Once on our home planet, there will never be a need to fight anyone. No V’Zenian would dare harm a mate, you are too precious to our future. However, we will be on this planet for a while.” He moved to the side of the tree and took a defensive position.

He motioned for me to stay behind him. “Natalie, this is just in case a Zateelian gets past me. You should never have to fight. I am sorry I put you in this situation. We are so close to the ship too! Ghazem!” I wasn’t sure what that last word meant, but I had a feeling it wasn’t a nice word. I had never heard any of the aliens use human cuss words, but I had no clue if they swore in their own tongue.

Ben cussed up a storm, especially when he was drunk. I didn’t like being around him when he was like that. I usually got into trouble. One time, we had been at his buddy’s house watching a football game, and his team lost. It was stupid of me, I know, but I made a comment about sometimes they lose and sometimes they win. He got really mad and slapped me across the face. After that, I tried to get away from him when he drank.

A cold sweat poured down my back as the fighting came closer to us. I shouldn’t have been thinking about other things while there were evil aliens about. The warriors leading us raced back to where we were and took cover behind some trees near us. They fired their phaser guns from the sides of the trees, one guy even climbed up into a tree for a better angle. Zelan started firing, but I couldn’t see the cockroaches yet. I craned my neck to look around the tree, and I still couldn’t see them. I needed to find them before they found me.

“Watch out! They are scurrying along the ground and using the underbrush to hide,” Marcon yelled as he fired at a bush that jiggled. When he hit it, I understood why. The bug’s head exploded and goo flew everywhere. But there were other bushes that kept moving and bristling closer to us.

Zelan got down on the ground, on his stomach, and fired at the bushes that were moving. “The backside of their carapace is too tough to penetrate with our handguns, but if you can get low enough, then you might have a chance at hitting them in the neck. Sometimes they will also have a sensitive spot on their belly, but that is only the case when dealing with younger bugs.” He kept firing and hit one. The bush stopped moving, and I saw a partial cockroach body move up and then down again. Almost like a bowling pin that had been hit hard from the bottom.

By this point, there were only a few remaining cockroaches. Or at least, only a few moving bushes. Another warrior, Tosie I think was his name, got up into a tree close to where a bush was shaking, and he jumped down on top of it. I wished he hadn’t done that. The bug wasn’t alone.

What do you think? Sounds like a fun, adventure on another planet between two very different species! Right? Come and join everyone else who has hopped on this ship for an out of this world adventure! If you still aren’t sure, there are some more blog posts with snippets of the book. Just to the sidebar and you will see them. I hope you decide to hop on this intersteller ride with me!

Worlds Collide

Grab your copy of Worlds Collide Now!


If you haven’t read Worlds Away (book 1) yet, here is the link:

Worlds Collide Launched

Worlds Away


I hope you join me on this crazy adventure where one human woman works with a group of aliens to stop the abductions and to free the slaves!


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