Worlds Collide Snippet 3

Worlds Collide Snippet 3 – Just in time for the release!

Worlds Collide Snippet 3

Worlds Collide is Almost Here!

Worlds Collide Snippet 3 is below. On Thursday, Book 2 of the Alpha Alien Abduction Tales comes out! You can get your copy for .99c now, and then it goes up to $2,99 on Monday, the 24th of October! Don’t delay as you won’t want to miss out on this out of this world series! Book 1, Worlds Away is still only .99c, so if you haven’t picked up your copy of Worlds Away yet, now is the time!

This series is about Aliens who abduct humans to become their slaves, or their mates. Each book in this series has a Happily Ever After (HEA) and there are no cliffhangers! But it is a series, so you will see an over-arching story that won’t be finished until the end of the series. I promise not to leave you in the middle of battle, waiting for the next book. I won’t do that. And there will be an HEA in each book. So far, books 1 and 2 have a definite HEA, talking marriage here folks, or mating as the aliens call it. Soooo, without further ado, here is your Worlds Collide Snippet 3:

Worlds Collide Snippet 3

Worlds Collide

The planet was warm, if I had to guess, maybe mid-eighties. The sun was shining. I could hear birds chirping, small animals scampering about, and I thought I caught sight of a snake in a tree. It was either a snake or one of those willow type of branches that was swaying in the wind.

These trees looked similar to what we had back home on Earth, but they were bigger. Probably because we cut down our trees and never gave them very long to grow. I doubt these trees had ever been cut down.

A few of them looked like something out of Swiss Family Robinson. I suppose that if we didn’t find any more of my people, they could easily create rather large tree houses in this section of the woods once we left. Until then, I hoped they stayed out of sight. Getting caught by us or the insectoids would be worse than trying to make a go of it in these woods.

I still wish I would have run after Paris let us out of the cells, but I was too dazed and confused to think straight. Once I did finally think about running, it was too late. The warriors had already found us.

The warriors up front with Lorlo cut a path for us. Then, all of a sudden, Lorlo, who was in the lead put his right fist up, then the rest of the aliens stopped chatting and motioned for us to be quiet as well. Lorlo stopped and knelt down to look at the foliage on the ground. There looked to be vines crawling all throughout the small bushes. Now all of them seemed alert and were looking around us and up into the trees.

I whispered to Zelan, “What’s going on?”

“Shh, Lorlo has found signs of others coming through here,” he whispered back so low, I could barely hear him. His lips were directly next to my ear, and I tried to stop the shiver that was racing down my back, but I couldn’t. Hopefully, Zelan was too busy paying attention to our surroundings to notice how much he affected me.

It wasn’t like I was attracted to him. I think it had just been so long since a nice looking man has touched me that my body reacted. That was all it was. Or at least that was the story I was sticking with if anyone asked.

Lorlo stood up and motioned with his hand toward the right side. He held up three fingers and motioned three times to the right, like something out of a military movie. The warriors moved forward quietly, while those of us untrained in stealth, made a bunch of racket.

I stepped on a twig that broke, and I heard Lucy stomping on a small bush. There was no way we were going to sneak up on anyone. Still, I couldn’t figure out why they thought bringing us would be a good idea.

As we moved through the jungle, I could no longer hear the birds or see any small animals. I thought about all of the scary movies I had watched growing up. The girl who gets eaten by a monster, or killed by the crazy guy, always noticed how quiet it was before the psycho monster attacked. I kept alert looking around us as we moved very slowly towards the area Lorlo kept gesturing toward. Thankfully, I was mostly in the middle of the group, and Zelan was next to me as he promised.

I heard some rustling up ahead as I lost sight of those in the lead. Then I heard a phaser gun go off. In fact, I heard several phasers fire. My eyes grew wide, and I was about to scream when Zelan pushed me down on the damp earth. I turned my head toward the sound of the fighting and noticed that other warriors had tackled some of our women. My heart was beating out of my chest. Why were the warriors laying on top of the girls with their weapons drawn? What was going on in front of us? I tried to count how many were still in our party, but I couldn’t turn my head far enough to see those behind me.

I watched as Lorlo came back and looked at everyone lying down, “Zelan, I need to show you something. The rest of you might want to back off a little.” He turned around to go back to where he came from, and Zelan jumped up and started to walk away.

“Hey, I thought you weren’t going to leave my side the entire time? You can’t leave me here while there are still who knows how many bugs out there that might attack.” I started to walk after him, then he turned around.

“Natalie, you are right. Be careful and stay close.” He put out an arm out for me to grab, and when I did, we walked towards Lorlo.

As soon as we caught up to Lorlo and the other warriors, I almost puked. I wished that I would have stayed back where I was. Down on the ground were two women who had their heads blown off. But that wasn’t the worst part. Inside their brains were small cockroaches! They were covered in them.

I turned around and started to gag, and Zelan put his hand on my back. “Shh, it’s alright. Natalie, there was nothing we could have done for them. Trust me when I say it is better that we killed them now.”

“What happened? Why did they have so many cockroaches on them? And what do you mean it’s better you killed them now? Haven’t they been dead a long time? How else did all those bugs get on them?” I blurted out as I tried to clean off my face.

Then I remembered a scene from CSI where one of the main guys, Grissom, said that bug infestations took at least 24 hours. With all of those bugs on them, it must have been several days since they died.


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Worlds Collide Snippet

Worlds Collide launches into your ereading devices this Thursday! If you haven’t read Worlds Away yet, it isn’t too late! You can get your .99c introductory rate copy here:

Worlds Collide Snippet 3

Worlds Away

Both titles are also available on Kindle Unlimited!



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