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With the upcoming release of Worlds Collide on Thursday, I figured it was Worlds Collide Snippet time! I posted one snippet a few days ago on my Facebook page, so today I will post a new one! Currently, Worlds Collide is up on pre-order for .99c. That price is already set to change on the 24th to $2.99, so get your copy before it goes up! The book will be available via Kindle Unlimited once it launches on the 20th.

This book picks up right where Worlds Away, Book 1, leaves off. However, the main character is Natalie. She had a small part in book 1, and comes back as the main character in Worlds Collide. Don’t forget, they are crashed on Zeleron 10 with the universe knows how many Zateelians on the planet with them. Zateelians are the insectoid creatures who caused The Zamaya to crash land after abducting 200 humans from Earth.

Worlds Collide Snippet

Worlds Collide

After a couple of days, Paris came to see us. She was with the group of warriors who brought us food, but today was different. Most of the warriors were ones I recognized, including Zelan.

“Paris!” I yelled as soon as I saw her. She came over to my cell with a great big smile on her face. “Does that smile mean we are going home soon?” I asked hopefully.

“No, I’m sorry. We are never going home. I am just happy to see you and to know you’re okay.” She reached into my cell and tried to hug me, but with the women and bars so close, it was an awkward attempt.

“I heard you got married. Was that what you wanted? It happened awfully fast.” I scrunched up my nose and wondered how horrible her honeymoon must have been. That big, huge giant of a man. It had to be terrible.

She blushed a bit and smiled as she looked down at the ground. “It was actually quite wonderful. I couldn’t have asked for a better mate. He is so gentle and loving when it is just the two of us. Venay is a completely different man when we are alone. I am falling in love with him.” Her smile broadened even more as she looked up at me with a sparkle in her eye.

“Oh great, another one who drank the Kool-Aid. While you were gone, three more of the girls agreed to mate with the aliens. I think the guys were all from the Commander’s original ship too. I guess it makes sense with us all being so close this past week, but now that we are in prison again, I am more inclined to tell the next guy to piss off rather than agree to a mating. Why can’t we be let free here? Most of us were very helpful before the new ship came and took us.” I felt claustrophobic in this tight cell. I couldn’t even move around to express my feelings because we were packed tighter than sardines!

“Natalie, you should really reconsider. Venay’s guys, for the most part, are really great. I have worked very closely with them since the crash and made some friends. You might want to consider marrying one of them, and soon. Life is going to be very tough if you stay in this cage for the next five months.” She gave me a quick smile while she squeezed my hand. “I gotta get everyone else fed. Sorry, I couldn’t bring you guys anything better, but I am working with Venay to get some of the replicators from his old ship brought over here so we can have better food.”

With that, she walked away from me. I didn’t see her again until later in the day. It was so boring now. All I could do was twiddle my thumbs to waste away the time, and even that was tough to do while being so tightly packed.

After lunch, Zelan came to visit me. I was actually happy to see him, which was weird because I had no desire to mate with him. However, I did seem to miss him when he wasn’t around. Maybe it was because we spent so much time this past week doing stuff together, instead of sitting in a crowded cell. Either way, I couldn’t keep the smile off my face as he walked toward me.

His eyes sparkled, and his smile was so big, it made me feel all soft inside. Something about him made my heart skip a beat. He was a good looking male. If I had to guess, I would say he was at least six feet, eight inches tall. It was hard to calculate since I wasn’t used to seeing men that tall back on Earth.

My fiancé, Ben, was about my height. Without heels, I equaled his five feet, six inches. Whenever I went out with him, I wasn’t allowed to wear heels. He hated it if I was taller than him, even if it was only because of my heels. My girlfriends used to say he had “short man’s syndrome,” whatever that meant.

As each day passed, I started to miss Ben less and less, but I continued to miss my family. Would I ever get home? Doubtful. But I had no idea what to do about it, yet.

“Natalie, I have a proposition for you.” Zelan walked up to where I was and grabbed ahold of the bars. The fingers on his left hand brushed up against my cheek. His veins were pulsing purple. I had noticed that they pulsed various colors, even spoke about it with the other girls in our group, but no one knew what the colors meant.

“Hi, Zelan, what do you have in mind?” I hoped it wasn’t a marriage, or mating, proposal again. While I was happy to see him, it didn’t mean that I wanted to marry him.

“I received permission to take you and a couple of the other women with me today on a scouting mission. We are going to go to the old ship and pull out a couple of the food replicators so that you can have better meals. On the way there, we are going to check out what might be a hiding place that houses a few more humans. There are still almost thirty unaccounted for, and it is too dangerous to let them stay out there all alone. Besides the insectoids, this place is home to a few animals that would attack any of us if given the chance.”

“Oh, then why are you bringing us? Isn’t it dangerous to go out there now?” I couldn’t believe he wanted me to go out into that crazy jungle! And with some insectoids still out there too!

“I will be able to protect you. We are bringing two squads of warriors with us. I thought you might enjoy getting out of this place, and helping me to find, and save, some of your friends.” His smile was waning and the color of his veins started to pulse blue. The beautiful purple was gone.

I wanted the purple to come back. Some instinct took over, and I reached my hand out to him. As soon as I realized what I was doing, I pulled back. “Ok, sure. As long as you don’t let any of those bugs near me again. Seriously, I still have that smell on me and can’t seem to get it off. I don’t want to add any more of that slim to my body.”

He chuckled, and I was filled with joy. Which was odd, since this was not the place to feel joy. However, it was the first time I had heard anything like a laugh from him, and I liked it.

He let me and a few other women out of the cells. Two of them I had met- Lucy and Betty, and the third I did not know. I walked up to her and introduced myself, “Hi, I am Natalie.” I stuck my hand out and she gave me a good, hearty shake. She had some strength in her grip.

“My name is Rachelle. Nice to meet you.” The second she let go of my hand, her head turned toward Zelan. “Oh Zelan, I am go glad you insisted I accompany you on this mission. I am ready to help you any way I can.” She eyed him up and down and drew nearer to his body. She was practically in his arms.

He smiled down at her, looked up at me, and the smile was wiped off his face. Zelan took two steps back from her, turned around, and started walking out of the holding cell area.

Rachelle looked back at me and smirked, then ran to catch up to him.

What do you think? Does it have promise for a good story? Come and check out the newest addition to the Alpha Alien Abduction Tales! Available on Amazon for only .99c until the end of the week. Worlds Collide on Amazon 

Worlds Collide Snippet

Not sure if this is for you? It is a mostly clean version of a sci-fi adventure/romance book. How about a sneak peek of Worlds Away, Book 1? I have the first 3 chapters up on Instafreebie if you want to check it out: Worlds Away on Instafreebie 



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