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Fantasy on #InstaFreebie


Wow! Do I have a list for you this week!!! There are over 20 books in this Fantasy on #InstaFreebie post! Get ready, because you are going to go on a wild adventure! We have Epic Fantasy, YA Fantasy, YA Dark Urban Fantasy, Urban Fantasy, did I mention this week was all about the Fantasy on #IsntaFreebie? Well, it is! So get yourself comfortable and prepare to enter new worlds of imagination!

Fantasy on #InstaFreebie

Fantasy on #InstaFreebie

Death Marked

A man will do anything for the love of his life, including try to raise her from the dead.

Fantasy on #Instafreebie

City of Masks

In a city where appearance is reality, a naive diplomat, and his clever servant set out to catch a serial killer and foil an assassination.

Fantasy on #instafreebie

Street Fox

A boy discovers heroes still exist. (a short story)

Fantasy on #Instafreebie

Six Celestial Swords

Mystic and Imperial Officier Xu Liang sets off on a quest to unite six mystical blades, the only things that may save his beloved empire.

Fantasy on #Instafreebie

The Call of Agon

A reluctant demigod embarks on an epic quest to keep the Beast Agon trapped in the Underworld.

Fantasy on #Instafreebie

Eclipse of the Warrior

Caught between the forces that be, It’s no place for a human…

Vampires? Fae warriors? Who knew they were real. Somebody must have and they should have let the rest of us know!

Fantasy on #Instafreebie

The Sands of Time

Angels. Corruption. Death.

Father Time has been tending the hourglasses in the Halls of Time for what seems like eternity. When the sand in one of the hourglasses changes colour, and stops flowing, he doesn’t know what to do. This has never happened before. Is it an omen that the end is nigh, or something else entirely?

Fantasy on #Instafreebie

Two Heads Two Spikes

Would you defy a king’s order to prevent your only daughter from marrying into the family you most despise?



He was her destination, she just didn’t know it.


Soul Survivor

When sibling rivalry spills over into the land of mortals, the mortals lose. Great evil, spawn of the underworld, is poised to sweep all life from the planet, and only the twins can stop it. Jealousy, love, hatred and magic battle for the ultimate control of the souls of the world. Only one will be left standing, and if it is the wrong one, how will the world survive?


The Shadow Children

Everything you know is a lie…
Eighteen-year-old Grace is sick of running. For over two thousand years the Angels have hunted the halfborn, determined to maintain the barrier that conceals the magical world from Human eyes. Grace and her foster family have survived capture by living amongst humans, but the noose is tightening as the spell binding their magic begins to fail.
When unexpected allies send Grace and her family crashing into the world of The Shadow Children, she finds herself at the epicentre of a battle to save those she loves.
But who can she trust when everyone has the face of an angel?



It’s survival of the fittest, but first you have to fit in.
Shae is sure the icy rage that eats away at her is driving away her friends and pulling her closer to the wrong boy. But, as her protected world unravels, she discovers the violent supernatural world that lurks in her quiet hometown and the ancient feuds that threaten to destroy both her friends and her family. To save those she loves, Shae must succumb to her own fury, but at what cost?


Hunger Moon

Victoria Storm and her werewolf pack seek sanctuary in a small town. When she discovers they are infringing on the territory of a powerful Alpha wolf, she uses her feminine wiles to seduce him.


Atomic the Prequel to Wolves

Sigyn is prophesied to be consort to a king. Instead she marries a fool. Centuries after his chaos destroys their marriage the fallout really begins.


I Bring the Fire: Wolves

When Amy prays for help, Loki the Norse God of Mischief isn’t who she has in mind.


A Kiss of Ashen Twilight

From award-winning author Rae Lori: Ariya, an Aziza Faerie, crosses into the mortal realm to escape a vicious and deadly elemental creature. She discovers an underground world of Nightwalkers, Lycans and Shifter Elves hiding beneath human’s eyes. When she falls for the Nightwalker Regent Prince Jace Archane, love and loyalties are tested as an age-old rivalry unmasks a new enemy.


When Lightning Strikes

The island hides a mysterious secret…
When Lightning Strikes is the first book in a series of suspenseful young adult fantasy novels with a touch of romance. If you like captivating stories, strong female characters, and mysterious paranormal twists, then you’ll love Kathleen Rovner’s first book in a compelling series.


A New Dawn

Aurora Potier had struggled all her adult life. Two jobs at a time is not unusual in New York City, and with her mother unable to work, it’s been an endless uphill battle just to survive since she was a teen. There isn’t time to blink, much less think about slipping from this endless cycle. Work, sleep, repeat. It’s been her life for a while, now.
But when her exhausting routine is tripped by some unexpected and violent complications, Aurora finds that her life of scraping by is only the surface. There’s more to her than even she realized, and more to the father that walked out before she could even remember his face.
She’s about to have the most unpredictable day of her life; what a time to get stuck wearing heels!



Life’s a bitch and then you die. And die. And die. And…
My name is Mackenzie Adams and I’m good at killing zombies and other nasty creatures. Oh, wait. That’s when I’m playing the latest video game, not real life. My actual life is much more normal. *Bor-ing*. At least it was until I died. That’s right. I went adios, caput. I exited life as we know it. Except… I didn’t. I’m alive and well.
When childhood nightmares that have been locked away begin to resurface, I learn that I have a unique ability to cheat death but only if I willingly sacrifice myself to save someone else’s life.
As enemies from my past reveal their true nature, my secret is threatened. If word got out, it would make me mucho unpopular.


The Shaman of Neroterra

Silas Dermont, Prince of Aldron, has received an urgent summons from the orcs of Neroterra. Bound by a treaty he did not create, Silas reluctantly ventures to the orc city to learn of an insidious plot revolving around an old gauntlet stolen by a mysterious shaman. With only a small band of warriors and a rival noble at his side, Silas must retrieve the gauntlet for the orcs or risk inciting a war with Neroterra. But once he enters the forest to face the shaman, Silas realizes the errand is far more difficult than he imagined.


A Mongrel’s Curse

An UF novel set in Australia and written in the first person


The Destroyer

A dark fantasy of epic porportions!


Ella Dethroned

Action-Packed Science Fantasy Adventure


The Soul’s Agent

Fight with the Agents against demons and darkness and evil and they won’t spend eternity roasting on a spit. It seems like an easy enough choice, but apparently roasting is easy and requires little effort, and fighting, well… Fighting is hard. Twenty-two year old Navi is an Agent, and she is good at what she does. Her only distraction is the boy who broke her heart four years ago—especially when the demons she hunts start hunting him, and she’s the only one who can keep him alive.


Ocean’s Justice

A mysterious castaway. A Scottish hero determined to protect her. Can they survive the storm?


The Raven and the Rose

Ryan Blackwell gets an important lesson about magic, power, and the responsibility which goes along with both. (Urban fantasy.)


Rise of the Storm

When a renegade priest prophesies an imminent apocalypse, a conflict is sparked which will tip a continent into war. A fast-paced fantasy based on real historical events, Rise of the Storm is the first book in the Desolate Empire Series.


Gates of Heaven

In a world ruled by dark magic and fear, a young thief uses her wit and intelligence to escape his tyranny.


Unicorn Magic

Feyland: a new computer game that allows Scottish teenager Corinne MacArthur to escape the sadness haunting her everyday life after losing a loved one. It’s a game where legends come to life, the lines between reality and fantasy become blurred, and the impossible becomes – probable?


Shadow Maker

Shadow Maker follows physics major Dieter Lindemann as he’s forced into Necromancy that he never wanted any part in to deal with the spirits plaguing him.



This morning Nilla Hayes woke up with death.
She’s not sure whose death it is, but when she finds out her day isn’t going to get a whole lot better.
You can’t solve everything with witchcraft.


A Threat of Shadows

Once Alaric was a Keeper.
He protected the land with his knowledge and his magic. He advised the queen. Once he was a good man. Until, in a futile attempt to save his dying wife, he delved deep into dark magic, betraying everything he believed in. But now there is one last chance to save her, buried in an ancient Wellstone. With a map from a disgruntled dwarf, and the help of an inscrutable elf and an inept wizard, Alaric just might find it. Except there are other, darker forces searching for the Wellstone. And if they find it first, they’ll use it to awaken a terrible evil. To face this growing threat—and have any chance at saving his dying wife—Alaric needs the strength and power of a Keeper, not the brokenness of the man he has become.
Can he overcome the darkness in his past? Or will it be the shadows within himself that destroy everything?


Dead Wife Waiting

Hex-slinger Thomas is searching for his dead wife, the swordswoman, Mira. He finds her guarding a lonely crossroad, and faces a terrible decision.


The Promise

What does it mean to be human?
Lily Evans is about to find out. On what should have been a day of great happiness she is diagnosed with a rare and unbelievable disease: she is shrinking, possibly without limit.


Prophecy of Light

Kady has been hiding her entire life, but when her pursuer finally catches up, she learns she has unexpected powers.


A Wisp of Hope

A famed robber and a little boy who worships him.
Prasanta readily accepts his mother’s task of finding where his father goes at night. But what he discovers is bound to change his life forever.
A Wisp of Hope is the third installment in the Pragjotisha series. It takes place about a hundred years before the events in A Song of Blood and explores the origins of the mysterious cave. This tale can be read on its own too, without having read the earlier stories.



A Celtic retelling of the Swan Princess


Creepy Hollow, Books 1&2

You get the first 2 books in the Creepy Hollow series! This is a bestselling Fantasy series about Faeries.


WOW! Was that a lot of Fantasy on #Instafreebie or what? I hope you found at least 3 or 4 books you liked!

If you don’t have a Kindle reading device and would like to read in that version, feel free to download a free copy of the Kindle App that will work on smartphones, tablets, and computers.


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