New Order

New Order on #Instafreebie! Book 1

New Order, Hidden Vampire Slayer, Book 1


HI there! Do you like vampire slayer books? How about one that also has some mystery? H.J. Lawson is an author friend of mine who has written a wonderful new series! If you are on my newsletter, you received a copy of her prequel book a couple of weeks ago. If you aren’t on my newsletter, you should join! I give away books all of the time!

H.J. Lawson has given me not one, but two books to share with you this weekend! Her newest book, New Order, is going to be available on Amazon shortly. So she decided to send out via #Instafreebie a bunch of free copies to early readers! Now, she didn’t ask, but if you get a copy and feel like leaving her an honest review on Amazon, I am sure she would be greatly appreciative! New Order is only available on #Instafreebie for a short time, so don’t delay!

New Order

New Order

Now head on over to #Instafreebie via the link above and download your copy for free!!!

You didn’t get the prequel to this great story? That is OK, H.J. Lawson has been gracious enough to allow me to share the link again! So come on over and grab your second free #Instafreebie book of this post!

New Hope

Defender of Mankind


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What more could you ask for? What’s that? You don’t have a device that reads these kind of books? That is alright. Our friends over at Amazon have a free Kindle Reader App for you!


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