Kindle Unlimited Subscription

Kindle Unlimited Reads For Free!

With a Kindle Unlimited Subscription you read for free.

I have joined with many other authors to offer you a wonderful list of books in the Kindle Unlimited Subscription program.  If you are not a member of Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited program, you can get your first 30 days for free. Here is the link to get your free Kindle Unlimited Subscription:

The first promotion is only going on October 1-15:

Kindle Unlimited Subscription

Click the banner or go to: and you will find a great list of fantasy, paranormal, and Sci-fi, romance books which are part of the Kindle Unlimited (KU) program. There are plenty of great books to choose from that list.

If that isn’t’ enough to satisfy you, then try this one as well:

Kindle Unlimited Subscription

This one comes with a facebook group to join and has some contests to win freebies if you read the books in the challenge and then fill out a google form. Prizes can be won each week! Go ahead and give this one a try too! Click the banner above or here:


Later this month I will post another list of Kindle Unlimited Subscription promotions so check back soon for more free reads! And don’t forget to check out my blog posts for free books on #Instafreebie as well! Check the “Recent Posts” section to your right for some of the latest ones.



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