Have You Seen Inanna’s Circle Yet?

Inanna’s Circle is an anthology by 8 different authors and all of the stories in the collection are original! Some are the beginning of a new series, and some are stories within an existing series, like my Eclipse series. For my story, it is a prequel in the Eclipse Universe! This story is told by a narrator, but does include a lot of dialogue from both Ash and Lancer. There is also some insight as to what kind of young woman B’Lana was before her transformation.

Eclipse of the Beginning is the story of how Lancer and Ash discovered B’Lana before that fateful night in an LA alley! They knew who she was and had been watching over her for years before she met them. While you don’t have to read books 1-4 in order to read Eclipse of the Beginning, you should read it before reading book 5, Age of the Eclipse – coming soon.


Come on over to Amazon and pick up your copy of Inanna’s Circle today! It is also available on Kindle Unlimited for a short time!

Inannas Circle Anthology

This anthology is a bit different from others you have seen. It started out as a writing game. One day Kat (the person who edited this anthology) wanted to play a game after a grueling week at work, she came up with the idea for all of us in our writing group to write a new story, at least 10K words, based on some key characteristics that others came up with. Some of the people who came up with our characteristics are famous authors and one is even a very highly respected Professor!

There were multiple character traits that we could choose from, here are two that I chose to include in my story:

  • A large human, scarred face, fetish for knives and boundless affection for cats,
  • An extra-large werewolf with an allergy to blonds and computers

Another characteristic we had to choose was at least one line from a scene. I chose the following two scenes to use:

  • A blood drenched stairway, filled with smoke and fog
  • An alleyway, dark and mysterious, full of the debris of many and the sounds of no one

As you can see, we had some really interesting ideas to add into our story before we ever even started it! I can’t wait to participate in the next one! I have decided that I will use the next game to create book 6 in my Eclipse Series. This is going to be a huge challenge as I need book 6 to be full length in order to tell the entire story, but I will only have a very short window in which to write it for the game! Others have done 65K words in one week, so I am challenging myself to do the same!

When the next game starts in about a month, I will let you all know so you can cheer me on with this huge challenge!


Inanna’s Circle is available only at Amazon so come on over and get your copy today! Who knows, you might just find your next favorite indie author in this collection!


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