Just got back from seeing X-Men Apocalypse in RPX. I loved it! It wasn’t as exciting as the last one, but it was still exciting. I miss Capt. Picard. LOL However, James McAvoy does a great job as Professor X.

I must admit I don’t read the comics so some of the characters I didn’t understand very well. They were not developed and introduced so that someone who has never read the comics knows who they are. Was Psylocke in the original movies? I don’t remember her. She seems to have very cool powers but I didn’t even know her name until I looked it up. Someone in the movie may have called her by her name, but I didn’t recognize it. Same with Angel, although they did introduce him.

I was shocked to see how they changed up Storm from the other movies. Again, I haven’t read the comics so her role may have been expected, but not by me. Since they reset the timeline in the last movie, they can do a lot to the story now. Like some big Sci-fi movies have done in the past few years.

X-Men: Apocalypse Box Office

Overall, it was a very good movie and I appreciated the fact that they put more story into it then action. Some movies have so much action you don’t get much of a story. With X-Men it was the opposite. I wasn’t restless or bored at all. It was intriguing if not a bit difficult to follow some of the character development. I would imagine those who read the comics would have followed along much better than I.

x-men apoca 2

I love Jennifer as an actor, but did feel that her lines weren’t as well written this time. However, I did appreciate that she spent more time as Raven then she did as Mystique. I am sure most men will disagree! LOL

I stayed for the scene after the credits rolled and I am seriously looking forward to the next movie!

What did you think about it?

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