Hi Everyone, one of my readers asked about the cast of characters. Starting with Book 3, which comes out this Friday, there is a list at the end of the book. For those of you who want it now, I have put it in the blog. Be sure to read the last entry as there is a hint of a new story arc to come!

B’Lana – Main character who started out as a human and became a fae hybrid, she is a member of Squad 1.

Lancer – Leader of Squad 1, fae warrior who changed B’Lana into a hybrid.

Ash – Asst. Leader of Squad 1, fae warrior who cares deeply for B’Lana.

Commander Terra – Leader of the Earthen West Coast Squads of Fae Warriors. He is in LA.

Fillie – Dragonette who is bonded to B’Lana.

Toren – Current Leader of Squad 2 in LA. Friend to B’Lana, Lancer, and Ash.

Cash – Asst Leader of Squad 2 in LA. Friend to B’Lana, Lancer, and Ash.

Netty – Best healer on Sendryl. She occasionally visits LA when they need a great healer.

DeeDee – B’Lana’s human best friend. They grew up together and are basically sisters.

Xandrie – Fae warrior who is a friend of Ash. She used to date Lancer but left him for Cash. Who she later broke up with.

Callie – Cash’s sister

Anise – Ash’s sister

Cove – Ripper who works in the men’s clothing store, he called Merv to the mall after meeting B’Lana.

High Judge Cyrus Tepal – Presided over Lancer’s trial and a member of the High Council.

Ripper Master – He was in charge of the rippers in the LA area. He held B’Lana captive in the sewers.

Sennafae – These are the fae warriors from Sendryl. They are on Earth to keep the rippers from kidnapping and changing human beings into hybrid rippers (aka Nosferatu).

Rippers – These are the vampires we see on Earth. They were once Sennafae hundreds of years ago. Now they are the offspring of the Sennafae who contracted a disease but were healed of said disease. On Sendryl they look like a hung-over version of the Sennafae with bags under their red eyes. On Earth they develop the vampire look, they have bright red eyes with dark red spider web veins around their eyes.

Hybrid Sennafae – A human who has been transformed into a fae. There hasn’t been one for almost 200 years. Until B’Lana.

Hybrid Rippers – a human who has been transformed into a ripper, or vampire. Also known as a Nosferatu. They have very limited brain functions. Blood and killing is all they think about.

Fae Warrior – Short for Sennafae warrior. B’Lana calls all of them fae.

Sendryl – The home planet of both Sennafae and Ripper. It is another dimension from Earth. There are portals all over Earth that lead to various places on Sendryl. There is also one known portal on Sendryl that leads to another world, but it has been determined that it is too dangerous to go there so that portal is closed.


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