#SaveXandrie or #KillXandrie

What do you think about the name “Xandrie” for a fae warrior? She is sexy and tough! No one messes with Xandrie and walks away alive.

I borrowed her name from an author friend of mine, Xandrie Kovak @XandrieKovak. I told her I was going to kill her character, but as I got to writing my Xandrie, she just became this great fae warrior. I couldn’t kill her in book 3. I am writing book 4 now and I still haven’t killed her, yet. Although, book 4 is only half way done. I could still do it if the situation was right.

What do you think about Xandrie? She is quickly becoming good friends with B’Lana, and in Book 3 we find out she has a history with Ash, Lancer, and Cash. Xandrie actually dated two of them some years ago. The first one she dated, she walked out on to be with the second guy. The third guy she was only ever friends with.

I could kill her in a blaze of glory…

Or I could keep her and have her become a love interest for one of the guys. While being a great friend to B’Lana.

Tell me what you think by tweeting one of the hashtags: #SaveXandrie or #KillXandrie.

Before I finish book 5, I will look to see what is trending to decide what happens to Xandrie.

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