Sneak Peek #3 For Chronicles of the Fae Princess

Fae Princess Ebook cover

Meet Mia in Shanghai! Chapter Four      Shanghai, China “That thing has eyes, Mia,” Becky gasped. “It has eyes.” Mia laughed at her best friend’s reaction. “It’s not like they can see you. Look,” she pointed out, happily using the wooden skewer stuck through the fried eel to dangle the creature in Becky’s face. “Deep-fried, […]

Adventurous Sneaky Peek at My New Release!

Fae Princess Ebook cover

With the upcoming release of Chronicles of the Fae Princess, I thought I’d share with you a second sneak peek at the book early readers have called exciting, nail-biting, and fun! The Halfling Fae Academy is a trilogy all wrapped up into one giant book! You can pre-order your copy today and it’s drop automatically […]

Sneak Peek at Chronicles of the Fae Princess!

Fae Princess Ebook cover

Have you heard about The Chronicles of the Fae Princess? If not, then this is one YA academy book you MUST check out! Keep reading for a sneak peek today! Then pre-order your copy so it’ll drop in your e-reader first thing on May 17th! Chapter One Phillipsburg, Montana – Halfling Fae Academy Early June […]

How About a New Snippet? Worlds Collide!

Worlds Collide Banner

  Worlds Collide just launched and I have a snippet for you from the book! Curious about this story? Wonder who is the main character this time? Come on in and meet Natalie. Worlds Collide is book 2 of the Worlds Away series! When the V’Zenians abducted 200 humans they had no idea who they […]

Worlds Away Snippet!

  Worlds Away has received an extensive edit and all new covers! Starting this week I will re-launch this exciting alien abduction series with the first book, Worlds Away. Then 2 weeks later I’ll launch the 2nd book, Worlds Collide. And finally, 3 weeks after that I’ll have the third and final full-length book in […]