The Worlds Away Series Companion Novella: Worlds Explode

Can true love happen more than once in a lifetime?

Maddie, one of the 200 humans abducted by the V’Zenians 2 months ago, is content to live out the rest of her life on Zeleron 10 as a seamstress. She has no desire to allow anyone else in her heart, not even close friends.

When Maddie is thrust into the arms of Marcon at the celebration dance, he knows he has met his mate. She, however, is very reluctant. That is until he protects her from a xenophobic human.

Maddie and Marcon set out on a tranquil picnic, and stumble upon human remains. Is there another Zateelian army just waiting for more humans? Or are these remains from when they first crash landed on the planet? Will Maddie and Marcon survive this day?

If you enjoyed Worlds Away and Worlds Collide, then you will love this new 15K word novella that takes place between books 2 and 3. Come along on this new PG-13 adventure with J.L. Hendricks and her warrior aliens!