The Worlds Away Series Companion Novella: Worlds Revealed

If you have enjoyed Worlds Away or Worlds Collide, then you will love this new Novella in the Worlds Universe!! Worlds Revealed is the true story of what happened in Roswell, New Mexico back in the early 1940’s, as told by Venay’s grandfather! So come on over and grab your FREE copy today! It’s only available by joining my Newsletter.

Everything you thought you knew about Roswell was wrong!

The V’Zenians conquered Earth almost two centuries ago, but no one knows it. They think we are just their supply closet. When they have need of mates or slaves, they come to Earth and abduct us! However, they also protect our planet from the ravages of other alien species. Worlds Revealed tells the true story of Roswell and how one alien race saved us from annihilation, and we never even knew it.