New Orleans Magic Book 1: New Orleans Magic

Music, wolves, and vamps! Oh, my!

Jenna, lead singer of the Voodoo Dolls – an indie-rock band, also runs a tourist shop in the New Orlean’s French Quarter.

The Dolls always believed magic wasn’t real, and their gimmicks were harmless. Until a vampire tried to use a death spell on Jenna and the whole world of magic and shifters opened up to her and her three adopted sisters.

Now two old friends from high school have appeared on their doorstep, desperate to find their missing sister. The Dolls aren’t private investigators, but with the questionable help of a shady vampire, and a wolf shifter who has more than just a little allure, the Dolls risk their lives, and necks, to save the lost sister and prove to themselves the world they now live in is a force for good.

If you love intense YA Urban Fantasy with vampires, wolf shifters, and magic users, combined with a little bit of snark, then clear your schedule and one-click New Orleans Magic!